Join Ami of Honeysuckle Healing (Bristol based) and Stefania of Transformation Paths (London based) for a cosy evening of Tarot and Tea-leaf readings.

Having met through their mutual love and qualification of the Bach flower remedies, Ami and Stefania soon realised that they share a passion to explore deep parallels between the mind, heart and soul to support re-connection to our true purpose in life.

Stefania will be in Bristol for one night only offering a limited number of intimate tarot readings. Alongside, Ami will be offering a limited number of bespoke tea leaf readings, which she only holds space for as and when called to do so. Making this a rare opportunity with the duo and an evening not to be missed!

Held with exclusive access to The Cosy Cafe in Staple Hill Bristol, there will be just 10 readings available on the evening by advanced appointment only. A total of 5 tea leaf readings with Ami and 5 tarot card readings with Stefania will be on offer, on a first come first serve basis via the Eventbrite ticketing system. Please note that the doors will be closed on the evening and no walk-ins will be available.


Stefania is a London-based qualified hypnotherapist and Bach Flower practitioner. Her interest in the connections between body and soul goes back many decades, and, together with her passion for the creative potential of the human brain, solidly underpins her Tarot work. Her readings focus on empowering the querent, helping them look at things from a new perspective and putting their destiny firmly back into their own hands. “Like turning the lights on in a dark room, mindful interaction with the Tarot brings clarity on our thoughts and feelings, providing understanding and creating the basis for awareness in action.” This is Stefania’s motto when it comes to Tarot – through her readings she helps the querent re-establish a direct line to their own wisdom, so that new ideas can take shape and creative solutions emerge.

Ami is a qualified Bach flower practitioner, Reiki practitioner, intuitive channel and old soul empath, who is following a goddess and nature inspired heart led journey to unearth passions and tools of wellbeing from many lifetimes past. Ami was definitely born in the wrong era and her love for Romany gypsy culture and ancient healing traditions organically led her to tasseography/tea leaf reading. Ami’s style of reading is unique in that it’s an extension of her channelled guidance. Ami reads from a primary place of clairsentience as opposed to clairvoyance, using a myriad of intuitive and learned techniques that incorporate channelled guidance and divine messaging, aswell as emotion based forecasts for those she reads for. Ami also incorporates flower readings into her work and is highly qualified to recommend Bach flower remedies for aftercare support following the guidance of the leaves. Ami is not one to predict your future or to tell you everything you already know, and instead is a seer who will support and empower you to see the parts of yourself that call for balance and universal healing. Paving the way for clearer next steps and alchemic points of self-reflection prompting action. Ami acts as a cosmic conduit of guidance wrapped up in one straight talking and down to earth vintage package! Ami creates a reading to ignite all of your senses; from the quality of teas she uses to the nostalgic and theatrical atmosphere she embodies. All readings will be gifted with love and authenticity, and delivered responsibly for your overall wellbeing and higher self connection. Tea-stimonials can be found under the reviews tab of Honeysuckle Healings Facebook link!

HOW TO BOOK: If you would like to book one of these limited tea or tarot readings, please follow the Eventbrite ticket link to purchase your exclusive ticket for the evening. You will see a total of 10 tickets to purchase (subject to availability) each with a choice of tea or tarot and a start time for your reading. Please choose your time and reading carefully as you will not be able to change this once purchased. Event organisers will have no control over reserving or amending your space on the evening; choosing a reading style and time in accordance with the listed ticket is the only way to secure your place.

WHEN YOU ARRIVE: Please ensure that you arrive on time and no more than 5 minutes early to enable the smooth running of what we anticipate to be a busy and popular evening. You will be able to wait in the cafe area 5-10 minutes before your appointment, but to limit noise, additional energy and to create intimacy we ask that you do not arrive any earlier than this. When you arrive please take a seat and wait for your appointment, considering noise levels when you enter the venue and are sat with others. Please note that if you arrive late you may not be seen and will certainly have this time deducted from your read. There will be no refunds, even if you fail to show or turn up late and can’t be seen as a result. This is in keeping with time lost and to cover venue hire and materials purchased.

Places are non-refundable. Readings last 30 minutes and cost £30. They are open to men, women and non-binary individuals over the age of 18. Each read will act as a ‘taster’ of what Ami and Stefania offer through their individual work and businesses, providing enough time to ask one question from the cards or leaves and to gain a general short overview.