Today we welcome the Vernal Equinox, otherwise known as the Spring Equinox to the UK.

With its arrival comes a wave of infectious excitement as many tribes, communities and spiritual folk join hands to honour and celebrate the beginning of the season of abundance.

Whilst I appreciate that every season carries its own beautiful bounty, Spring has to be my favourite and days like today remind me why.  There is an almost unspoken ‘buzz’ that fills the air as collective energy refreshingly upgrades and becomes nothing short of life giving.

For anyone who has followed my work for a while (thank you), you will know that for the last year or so I have written blogs around the Solstice and Equinox arrivals.  Usually by sharing my plans for celebrating these important occasions or by providing you with insights into what you can expect from the season ahead.

This year, I believe that there are a growing number of people looking to connect to the Spring Equinox.  Perhaps new to their journey, they may be unsure of how to invite in the energies of this season or what is the ‘best’ way to celebrate it today.  The truth is, as always, there is no right or wrong and the ‘best’ way is to simply follow your heart or tribe into worship and service.

However, I am on hand with my top tips to give you some ideas of how to spend your Spring day!

1. Find a circle, a tribe or a gathering

Spring is the ultimate season of connection, and for many being close to like-minded kin is a must today.

There will no doubt be an array of Equinox inspired events in your area, either today or within the window of its potent energies.  Pagan temples, Avalonian landmarks and Wiccan fellowships will have open doors and arms today if you are called to join them.  From sitting in ceremonial circle to attending a sacred site, being amongst like minded or attuned communities will really set the tone for the coming months.

2. Build or change your altar

You will have perhaps seen me share my pictures on social media this week, following my newly dressed Spring altar.

I find this to be one of the most exciting and humbling experiences.  Having a space within your home or garden to honour and give thanks for the approaching season is a wonderful tool of connection.  It becomes a focal point for Spring and encourages you to gather and craft as you source seasonal treats.

Whether you are about to dress your altar for Ostara or like me you choose to create an over-lighting Goddess of Spring, changing your altar to reflect the colours, fruits and energies of this season is a great way to connect and a fun thing to do today.

3. Dig for victory

Spring is known for being the time to sow new seeds of intention as we finally break free from the shackles of Winter.

It is the season of rebirth and nature, so what better time to get out into the garden.  Weeding, garden maintenance and planting are great ways to watch the season unfold, as you will have the pleasure of witnessing the fruits of today’s labour take root over the next 3 months.  Garden centres are lovely and inspiring places to spend an Equinox.  Treat yourself to a new (or second hand) pot, some pretty plants and a handful of seeds and get your hands in the earth…the source of all connection.

4. Cleanse and clean

It’s not called ‘Spring cleaning’ for nothing!

Today is an open portal to release the old and to make way for the new.  Giving the house a deep clean, finding homes for that surface clutter and even clearing out the wardrobe of Winter and unwanted clothes is a great thing to do today.

Follow this up with a cleansing smudge using tools such as sage, palo santo or even floral room sprays and Bach remedies (Crab Apple and Walnut are particularly cleansing!) whilst asking any energy that no longer serves you to leave your home.  If weather allows, crack those windows open to visualise it leaving and the clean renewed air filling its void.

5) Book a treatment

Booking a therapy such as Reiki, Crystal Healing or any treatment that supports the flow of energy around and out of the body is a loving gift to yourself and makes the transition into a new season that much more seamless.

This is even a great time to start a new Bach mix, especially if you’re feeling sluggish, lack confidence to seize this next phase or need motivating to go out and grab Spring’s opportunities.

6) Craft, bake and make

Spring encourages us to get creative and to start new projects.

Making our homes the focus of our attention creates strong foundations and encourages us to invite others in to share our space.  Today, start that up-cycling project you have been meaning to or give the walls a lick of brightening paint.  Make something from scratch or even mend it.

Crafts, baking and DIY projects have Spring written all over them so get busy today and try something new.

Perhaps even sign up for an art class or further studies of interest…Spring encourages you to try something new so ride on the coat-tails of this energy change.

7) Give an offering

Perhaps one of my favourite things to do and the ultimate way to invite Spring into your life in my opinion.

Select seasonal flowers and fruits, bio-degradable items, protective tigers eye or loving rose quartz, and if you are lucky enough to be bleeding at this time then even add your menstrual blood in a gift to Gaia.

Take a stroll, follow you heart and leave your offering nestled by an inviting tree or within a babbling brook with a few words of gratitude and intention for the coming months.

8) Get active in nature

Getting out in nature for a stroll with your fur baby or even a jog along to your favourite music are other great tools of connection.

Why not practice some mindfulness whilst you are doing it.  Noticing how your body is feeling whilst exercising or even allowing your eyes to wander in amazement at the abundant fields, the scenes of green or the blue skies.

If you can muster-up nothing more today than a hop, skip or once around the block then you have done something to honour the day.

9) Visit a farm or butterfly house

Butterflies are such a vision of metamorphosis and remind us of the beauty in change.

Their synchronicity seems rather plentiful this season and witnessing them going about their business with their new wings today can be a lovely way to spend an Equinox.  Visit a butterfly house and if you are able to, ask one of the experts to teach you more about how they mate, eat and their life expectancy…it’s fascinating!

Or perhaps visit a community project or farm.  Often at this time of year it’s lambing season and you may be lucky enough to feed one.  Being amongst baby animals and animals in general can be a restorative feeling and a Spring feel good factor.

10) Answer your hearts calling!

Perhaps an obvious tip, but maybe not!

Too many of us feel that there is a right and wrong way of doing things and that honouring a seasonal change warrants spiritual bells and whistles…but it doesn’t!

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, going to Glastonbury is no more enlightening than going to the end of your garden if you are not called to be there and are simply following suit.  Your heart, when open and free of ego, is your own personal sat nav to Spring.  Allow her to guide you to where you need to be and what you need to do today.  If you feel inspired to do any of the other 9 suggestions then do it.  If you have a ‘random’ place pop into your head, then visit it.  If your body is tired and you need rest today, then rest.

Answering your hearts calling today is ultimately the best way to spend a Spring Equinox.

Have a wonderful Spring everyone, however you choose to connect today, it’s coming and it’s going to be great!

Yours in love and Spring-light,




Sharing is caring!  Sharing my blogs, quoting my insights, and your continued support is always appreciated.  However, if you reference any of my work then please credit Honeysuckle Healing, and include links to the appropriate piece so that others may benefit from these tools too.  I work hard to ‘give back’ to my community through my free blogs and self-empowering online content.  I can only continue to meet this dedication through your respect and recognition.  Thank you

When asked what my favourite season is, I answered without hesitation, Spring!

For many of us, Spring is an eagerly anticipated time of year.  It’s an opportunity to say goodbye to dark nights, cold weather and the anti-climax of Christmas, whilst welcoming a renewed sense of optimism in its place.  For me, it’s no different.

There is something quite magical about Spring.  I always feel it’s another chance to regroup and to refocus on my goals for the year ahead; picking up the slack from any January intentions or resolutions I might have missed.

From the sight of the first snowdrops peering above the morning frost to later enjoying abundant fields of dancing yellow daffodils, I have really started to appreciate the beautiful transition into this life-giving time of year.

On a recent walk with my little Audrey, I felt a sensory overload from the surrounding green landscapes and the sight and smell of newly emerging flowers and trees.  It made me realise just how many opportunities for mindfulness this season brings.

Mindfulness seems to be the ‘buzz’ word again at the moment, but it’s quite simply an easily adopted act of gratitude and a way to be present.   It’s even something you can get the kids to do!

It’s nothing more than a conscious decision to bring our wandering minds back to what is going on around us and to acknowledge the moment in all it’s witnessed beauty.   It can be the simple decision to stop and smell the flowers, the awareness that we are feeling a strong emotion, the decision to walk with our head up and not down so that we may take in our surroundings, or the appreciative focus on the inhale and exhale.  It is everyday tasks that so many of us take for granted, rush through or even suppress.

With the stresses and strains of modern day life, I quite often find myself slipping out of the present and either into the past or time-travelling to the future.  This can be a very dangerous way to live as not only can it bring unnecessary worries, but it also stops me living and understanding what’s going on within and around me.

Unlike guided forms of meditation, albeit a similar exercise, mindfulness isn’t about escaping the mind or body in order to relax.   We no longer want to imagine our feet in the sea or walking barefoot on lush grass, it’s now about doing those things in ‘real time’ and enjoying every bloomin’ minute of it…even the bits that seemingly go wrong!

During mindfulness practice we are encouraged to ‘check-in’ and to feel our pain within the body, note our feelings, ask our fleeting thoughts to come back to the here and now, and to really engage every one of our senses.  It does take an element of effort and practice, and initially can even be frustrating as it’s human nature to allow our minds to wander too far without significant training.

Mindfulness has become an essential part of my self care routine.  It is helping me to live more in the moment and in turn build abundance through acts of gratitude.

For me, I often find that I do my best thinking and feel more centred when in nature.  Whether that be by the sea or in the countryside, I always try to take in my surroundings and appreciate the simple pleasures such as the changing seasons, a birds song, a dogs wagging tail or a butterfly resting on a leaf.   Treating the experience with some effort in order to imagine I was using my eyes, ears and touch for the very first time, with the excitement and appreciation an infant would.  I even enjoy using the process to bring awareness and rationality to my feelings and blocks within the body; as they say “when you feel it, you can heal it”.

The official start of Spring will vary from person to person.  Some will see the 1st of March as the start of this abundant season, others witness the turning of the wheel to Imbolc as the seasonal marking, but for me I invite the upgrade with the celebration of the Equinox.  This is when I change the altar within my home and when I feel confident I have fully released and integrated the lessons and blessings of the seasons predecessor.

Spring really is a cycle of liberation and exploration, which encourages us to try new things, to take leaps of faith and above all else to give thanks for our wholeness and our surroundings.  It is the best time to practice mindfulness and gratitude.  Whether that be appreciation for my senses, for my freedom or for the simple pleasure of walking with my best friend Audrey.

I encourage you all to try some mindfulness today by getting outside to take in all that this wonderful season has to offer or by simply laying in stillness as you concentrate on the life giving breath moving freely around the body.

Yours in love and Spring light,




Sharing is caring!  Sharing my blogs, quoting my insights, and your continued support is always appreciated.  However, if you reference any of my work then please credit Honeysuckle Healing, and include links to the appropriate piece so that others may benefit from these tools too.  I work hard to ‘give back’ to my community through my free blogs and self-empowering online content.  I can only continue to meet this dedication through your respect and recognition.  Thank you

On the eve of the Spring Equinox I find myself arriving late to the party with my suggestions for how you can connect to this wonderful time of year.  But when you work intuitively, as I do, you often find blog ideas come to you with less than opportune timing!

As I’ve mentioned in previous blogs and monthly Honeysuckle newsletters, my path of awakening and search for authentic self has led me to discover a deep love of nature, and a new found respect for Gaia.  I am no longer able to watch seasons come and go without feeling an overwhelming desire to acknowledge them in some way, just as my ancestors will have done many years ago.

The Spring Equinox is a biggie for me.  I LOVE Spring.  Everything about it evokes light and new beginnings with the arrival of new blooms and the awwww moments only witnessed at the sight of a baby animal trying to work out how to use its new pins!  There is a real innocence attached to Spring and an energy that feels renewed and like anything is possible.

For me the main 5 principles of Spring are:


Therefore if you can find a personal ritual that will connect you to one or more of those things, well then you are going to be working with the season rather than against it…and for me, it need only be as simple as that!

There are many wonderful blogs out there at the moment from channels and intuitives who I respect very much, and they all have amazing insights into the best and most traditional ways to welcome in Spring.  For me, I have learnt, perhaps through the hard way on reflection, that you have to find your own ritual, something that works for you.  Part of awakening is to believe in yourself and to walk tall and proud on your own path, not being quite so easily influenced by others.  Therefore this blog is put together based on what I have been guided to share today and how I will be personally connecting to this season.  But if you take nothing else from this blog, I hope you take the reassurance that there is no right or wrong and that connecting to the Spring Equinox, which falls on Tuesday 20th March in the UK this year, is all you need do, in whatever way feels right for you.



EQUINOX is derived from the Latin word aequus (meaning equal) and nox (meaning night).  It is said that both the day and night on the Equinox are of equal length; seeing 12 hours of daylight before we witness 12 hours of darkness.  This symbolism acts as a gentle reminder of the need for balance.

So quite simply, use this season to find balance.  Balance in the body through activities such as Yoga.  Balance in the mind through activities such as meditation or mindfulness.  Balance in the soul through practices such as energy or crystal healing or indeed just finding ways to awaken, giving yourself permission to explore who you truly are.  And my personal favourite, balance of the emotions, which of course my preferred way in which to do this is through regular use of the Bach flower remedies.  The ways in which you find balance today and through the next 3 months needn’t be a huge task.  Just keeping a journal of where you are at physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually for example will give you a good gauge and seeing it in Black and White can be the wake up call you need to address what’s coming up.  Balance for you right now may be as simple as working hard but learning to schedule enough time to rest.  Or continuing to give to others but remembering to give to yourself.



With the welcome sight of new buds and blooms really coming into their own this month and the arrival of baby animals, signs and syncronicities of rebirth really seem to be everywhere this season.  Rebirth has many connotations, and it can be as much about the death of old patterns and behaviours in order to be born again, metaphorically speaking of course.

Therefore some of the easy ways you can connect to the Spring rebirth element is to get outdoors!  Connect to Gaia, tend the land, get in the garden and plant new seeds, re-pot old plants and bring flowers into your home.  From the prospective of rebirth for the soul, writing letters to past relationships, people who’ve hurt you or even your younger self or inner child is a great way to rid the past and to step into an age of a new you!  Burn these letters (taking care here) and give them back to Gaia as offerings and a way to further release these feelings.  In order to be reborn you must first let go, so find ways today to let go of anything and anyone that no longer serves you.



With the Spring Equinox giving us more daylight than we’ve been used to for a while, today is a great way to connect to the light.  Find a way to get outside today (you can combine the suggestions for rebirth and do a spot of gardening perhaps!)  Light candles to invite more light into your home and attend fire ceremonies where possible.  Pastels, Greens, Whites and Yellows conjure up Spring for the visionary senses so wear these colours, bring them into your home and use crystals such as Rose Quartz and Moonstone to connect to the colour pallet and balancing energies.  Visualisations whereby you bathe yourself in crystaline light is another way to connect to your higher self and to invite more universal light into your life.

The term ‘Spring clean’, well this is of course the perfect time to do that!  Run the duster round, get rid of those old boxes, wash the windows, throw out old clothes, have a revamp and replace those old light bulbs.  Give your home renewed light by having less clutter and cleaner panes of glass to see out of for example.



With today having roughly an equal amount of day and night across the world, again I take this as a sign that connecting to this season is about bringing equality into life.  Similar to finding balance, finding equality for me means connecting to the divine.  Finding an equal measure of feminine and masculine in all that you do and in turn addressing imbalances in our characteristics, outlook and emotions if we are leaning more towards one divinity than the other.

Feminine energy in my opinion can be softer and leans more towards the creative qualities of the right side of the brain.  It’s nurturing, life-bearing, compassionate, empathetic, spiritually enlightened and strong in the face of adversity.  Masculine energy in my opinion is rational, logical, strong in more of a physical sense, analytical, grounded, straight-talking and exhibits a lot more of the left side of the brain qualities.

To be truly equal and balanced I believe you need to exhibit both qualities in equal measures, regardless of your gender.  Therefore the equality highlighted today can be a simple need to awaken these qualities.  Visit Goddess temples, read books about masculine and feminine energies, take part in activities that would be stereotypically deemed as ‘masculine’ or ‘feminine’ regardless of your gender or comfort zone, take part in a march or movement for equal rights and things to this effect.



Similar to rebirth, new beginnings is just what is says on the tin!

Spring and in particular the heightened energy of the Equinox is all about letting go and starting afresh.  The rebirth element concentrates on letting go and the new beginnings element is about just that, finding the new.

Take that class you’ve always wanted to, learn a new skill, learn to dance, start a course, change jobs if yours no longer excites you, move home if you aren’t happy where you are anymore, cut your hair, get adventurous!  You get the idea.  A new season and a new you!  Now is the time more than ever to step into your power and to become a new and wiser you, fresh from the hibernation of Winter.


Remember that this list is just supposed to give you an idea of how to start your Equinox celebrations and where you might like to focus your attention over the next 3 months, but it’s by no means exhaustive and the best rituals, ceremonies and celebrations really do come from the heart.  After all, you’re the one who knows what you need the most from this Season, so trust those intuitive pangs, those gut instincts and those heart calls…they will lead you safely into Summer.

Yours in love and Spring filled light,