There is a common myth amongst the spiritual community, that you have to be happy all the time in order to be ‘enlightened’ and that healing is all love and light.

To be a light-worker of any kind you cannot openly experience what are known in the trade as low-vibrational energies or emotions.  These tend to be feelings such as anger, jealousy, sadness, insecurity and alike.  You know, the very things that you are likely to have been brought up suppressing, because you learned through adopting parental behaviours or witnessing a collective that these were the ‘bad guys.’

It is subconsciously expected by your public platform, and on occasions your peers, that you will be a cross between Mother Teresa and Mahatma Gandi!  A ‘normal’ human just isn’t spiritually enlightened after all…or so the story goes!

Well, I am here to burst that bubble and to dispel that myth as it actually drives me crazy!

I believe that one of the things we as a collective are trying to heal in this lifetime is the learned behaviours of our ancestors, our manufactured modern day media and the inherited parental lines.  For all of us, no matter how we present, which language we speak, which country we come from or which God we believe in, all seem to have a common misunderstanding… that we should only embrace our light, and at the expense of pretending we hold no dark.

This learned behaviour feeds into our insecurities and encourages our suppression of pain and trauma, for we see it as some kind of personal failure if we exhibit these low vibrational behaviours.

We begin unhealthy comparisons, put channels and healers on pedestals to magnify our conceived inadequacies and we never truly learn how to love and embrace our wholeness.   We actually start to lose our power and get further away from healing ourselves, as we lose sight of just who ‘ourselves’ really are.

Thankfully there are a rising number of channels and alchemic therapists who hold space to address shadow work, and others whose healing methods help us to let go of ‘good and bad’ connotations.  Through my own personal and professional development I too am working towards building communities appreciative of a self-duality; an unapologetic presence of our shadows and of our light.

Just as there is no day without night and no night without day, we need both our darkness and our luminescence in order to thrive.

Some of the channels and therapists I respect the most are those who own their feelings, even when they get it wrong.  Those who post videos that move them to public tears, and those who sit in circle and do the painful work alongside their paying tribe (rather than pretend they do!)    For most authentic beings of light in this field are those who have experienced pain and persecution on large scales in their lives.

They are often the people who take their insecurities, their traumas, their misfortunes and their universal need to feel loved and they channel it into helping others.  They are the people who made a brave declaration to strive to put more love into the world than perhaps they have personally experienced, through using their wounds to heal and empathise.   That doesn’t mean that these people no longer feel pain, that they have all their shit together and that they don’t get it wrong sometimes, they are human, they are constantly evolving.  It just means that they are trying to become the best version of themselves and to empower others to come along for the ride.

If you haven’t learned to incorporate your shadows, then their is tremendous weight to carry as a light-worker.  You will always hide under a fabricated light, for others will take great pleasure in exposing your darkness for you.   I now believe that without utilising your shadows you will limit what you can offer as a channel, as a person and as a business.  For example, I found my inner Priesti through shadow work, and this is an energetic gift and skill-set that I struggle to understand how I lived without now.

I have begun taking steps on a path as a channel, which I believe may take me away from being a therapist of sorts.  With this comes a responsibility to do the opposite to what I once believed, in terms of showing an ascending collective that healing is found just as much in the dark as it is in the light.  It is a path of pain as much as pleasure and one that is very much about authenticity and public vulnerability (the latter being the one I am still working on!)

We need to end the emotional stigma.  That’s why so many people have become mental and physical health advocates, as the array of emotions that come with fighting illness are often forgotten and judged.  Whereas the truth is, all emotions are forgotten and judged, for we as humans are actually learning what it means to be ‘happy’ with an ever evolving picture of what that looks like for each of us.

So are happy healers the best healers?

…well I guess it depends who you ask!

For me, every emotion is valid.  In my opinion, the greatest healers, light-workers, channels and therapists are those who on occasions struggle to find the balance in their emotions yet are never too scared to show them to the world.

Book therapies with the professionals who are unapologetically flawed but forever willing to learn from their mistakes; as trust me, they’re the real game-changers!

Yours in love, and just for today a rather happy light,




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A channelled poem for this event:
The darkness is calling us away from the light, 
The cauldron is burning all through the night
Samhain, All Hallows’ and All Saints Eve,
Wishes us to gather, to craft and to weave
So join me my sisters to manifest your desire,
Let Cerridwen hold you in her transformational fire

Ami of Honeysuckle Healing has received guidance to hold an additional and extended tea ceremony in October; held within a New Moon window and as the wheel turns to Samhain.  This event is open to women only, which of course includes trans women and non-binary/previously identifying as a woman.

Tonight the veil will be at its thinnest between worlds, which aids connection to our guides, spiritual and ancestral realms and passed loved ones.  Harnessing this magic we will come together in sacred circle to manifest our deepest desires, awaken burning inner fires and to plant seeds of intention through ritual, ceremony and craft.
We will be utilising Ginger Root tea to activate our lower three chakras together with a carefully selected blend of Bach flower remedies to ignite our inner fires of manifestation.  Taking a journey through a Samhain inspired channelled and guided meditation, we will then plant seeds of intention in vintage teacups which you can take home, all before the tea ceremony itself.  The evening will be finished off with a group Autumn saine/smoke blessing in the over-lighting energies of Goddess Cerridwen, who has presented to Ami for this event.  This is the ceremony that keeps on giving, with intentions and tools that will help you to manifest your dreams.
FEE EXCHANGE: Please select from the Standard or VIP Ticket below and follow the PayPal link to pay
STANDARD TICKET: £45 if booked before 1st October, £53 thereafter 
includes a 3 hour alchemic ceremony, as well as a vintage teacup planter cemented in ceremonial intention and a Cerridwen blessed gift to take home.  
VIP TICKET: £65* if booked before 1st October, £73* thereafter
includes a 3 hour alchemic ceremony, as well as a vintage teacup planter cemented in ceremonial intention and a Cerridwen blessed gift to take home.     You will also receive a seasonally bountiful eco-conscious goodie bag PACKED with healing tools and treats, including a ceremonially bespoke Bach flower blend (lasting 3-4 weeks ), ceremonial tea, offerings and dark mint vegan fudge (and much more!).  VIP packages are designed to prolong and enhance the ceremonial healing received.
*returning recyclable items from your goodie bags to a future VIP Tea Ceremony will gain a refund of up to £3 off the ticket price
attending this event will automatically enter you into a prize draw to win a VIP upgrade at a future tea ceremony
Ami Smart is the founder of Honeysuckle Healing in Bristol, which is an empowering and enabling holistic health concept. She is a fully qualified and insured Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner, Reiki practitioner and channel.  Ami is an experienced space holder, serving regularly in the first wave of trained Melissa’s at The Bristol Goddess Temple.  Ami will be able to hold space for shadow work, but will always create a loving and safe space for you to address your unique healing needs.
Tickets will need to be purchased in advance to support the ordering of additional materials and to limit waste.
If you are pregnant, have any disability or additional access needs or have an intolerance/abstinence to alcohol please get in touch prior to booking your space.  Please also inform Ami in advance of any allergies or sensitivities.   Please be aware that the Bach flower remedies contain a small amount of alcohol.
Spaces are limited for your comfort and good time keeping, so your absence will be missed if you fail to attend. Tickets are non refundable unless the event is cancelled or rescheduled by Honeysuckle Healing, but you may transfer your place to a friend if stated 48 hours before the ceremony date.  Please pay via the ‘family and friends’ and do not tick the box to protect your payment – if you do not follow these instructions then the fee issued by PayPal will be passed on to you following booking. Please state which ceremony you are booking for in the notes at the till, and provide all attendees email addresses if you are booking multiple places.
There are no side effects when taking Bach flower remedies and they can be taken safely alongside any medication. Your ability to drive will not be affected after the ceremony, however you may wish to arrange lifts or car share to support your relaxation after the ceremony.  Please ensure that you do not have any sensitivity or medical reasons as to why you cannot consume the listed tea, such as consuming flowers or herbs. You will be responsible for doing your own research into any personal side effects of tea consumption and booking your place will indicate that you have read and understood these terms and conditions and therefore removes any liability from Honeysuckle Healing.
Exact circle location and event details will be sent to your PayPal email address once you book, approximately 2 weeks before the event starts.
Please note that the Bristol Goddess Temple is within The Clocktower and this building is not currently disabled accessible.  Therefore it is with regret that this event cannot accommodate anyone in a wheelchair or with mobility issues (the Temple is working on this!)  Please note that there are stairs up to the Temple and we will be sat on the floor for the duration of the ceremony.
The event will require a minimum number to run, so your support to share the event on your social media platforms is appreciated.  If the ceremony is cancelled due to not reaching the required capacity, you will be offered a full refund or a Honeysuckle credit for a future tea ceremony (your choice).
Those who attend must be at an awakened point in their journey whereby they are able to process their own emotions and healing following this alchemic event, however you will be invited to join a closed Facebook group for peer and ongoing support once you have booked your ceremonial place.