So, I have a bit of a problem with the term ‘spiritual’ as I feel it feeds into this show reel of elitist and enlightened people who do yoga when they wake and meditate or chant their way into the evening.

It’s a hierarchy that often just leaves you feeling inferior to others if you don’t juice your breakfast and you struggle with anxiety behind the scenes.

But the very fact you are reading this blog means that YOU ARE SPIRITUAL, and simply put, you just want a better year than the last.  Which is great!  And that’s where I can help.

‘Spirituality’ is on the up.  I believe that we are a generation campaigning for change and who are really prepared to nurse our planet back to health, as we are the indigo kids, the empaths and the kindred folk.  We believe in Gaia at the source of it all and we are ascending faster than we can often even understand.  Heck, we are even searching for blogs on how to be more spiritual for goodness sake!

But what does spirituality even mean?

An easy experiment is if I post here the first 3 photos that appear when you type the word ‘spiritual’ into the search bar of a royalty free image tool I use.  Here goes….

According to those photos spirituality means taking in the setting sun whilst sat on a rope swing, balancing pebbles strategically on the edge of the shore and worshipping specific gods and deities.

Now there is some truth in that as spirituality is about honouring nature, finding the balance and worship of sorts, but where it tends to go wrong is that everything is so polished, perfect and comes from an idealistic and subconscious rulebook of service…which isn’t true.

True spirituality isn’t affiliated with anything as it comes from within. You worship and serve yourself.  Your own inner Goddess/God/Duke*.

These pics feed into the image of what a spiritual person should look like and act like, which only encourages us to go back to emotional suppression and show reels.

We buy into the illusion that a spiritual person is wiser than their years, slim and healthy, has no shadows/no addictions/no health issues and is a person who sits in reflective practice rather than larges it up in a Wetherspoons on a Friday night.

But what I’ve found is that spirituality is perhaps the biggest area of BS I have ever come across.

It’s a field full of charlatans, opportunists and wounded healers.  It’s perhaps one of the most competitive, opinionated and compared fields around, which isn’t helped by everyone believing they can heal or guide after sitting in circle a handful of times or reading the works of OSHO in it’s entirety.

I agree that we all have the ability to intuitively heal, but we do not all learn how to hone that skill or indeed understand what it takes to be in service in this lifetime.  And that’s because some of us aren’t prepared to walk this path full time or to give up all that it takes to do so, that’s not everyone’s purpose in life and that’s ok.  But, the lack of understanding for this profession and the self-entitelment just makes my job harder, my blogs longer and my social media breaks and culls essential, as believe me, I am ‘doing the work’ full time!

But it’s not all doom and gloom as this is also an area filled with game changers, bearers of blinding light and alchemists who own their shadows, repair their wounds and THEN put it out into the world for others to emanate.  The point is that a spiritual person does go to a Wetherspoons every now and then.  They don’t wake up and feel like doing yoga necessarily, even though they know they ‘should’.  They do eat their bodyweight in Doritos whilst watching Netflix and they do struggle with their mental or physical health; likely to even be on anti-depressants or have addictions they are trying to overcome.  BECAUSE THEY ARE REAL PEOPLE.

Spirituality doesn’t come with a rulebook, as it’s a way of life that calls for the individual to write the god damn rulebook!

Type ‘spiritual’ into Google and you will be unindated with definitions, pictures, videos and websites of ‘healers’ who use this tag to find others.  But which one is right?…

The one that makes your heart skip a beat, your mind trip, your synchronicities align or that ‘aha’ moment of de ja vu.  Spirituality is ever evolving and should never keep you stagnant or with the same teacher, or indeed in the same mindset…you have the right to change what you think and feel at any stage, as do I.

Behind every great wave of change is a willingness to change ourselves.


Change can be a rather triggering word as it conjures up images of us needing to fix ourselves in some way, but I am not saying that.  “You are a beautiful being of light, there is nothing to change or fix”, as my favourite oracle card deck would say.  But change is a good word as it’s a catalytic word, which means we are thinking, we are hoping and we are doing.  We are understanding as individuals that something isn’t working and in turn our vibration doesn’t meet our great mother earth and the infinite source.

As we are about to leave behind another year, and in the case of 2019 we are about to say goodbye to an entire decade, you may find yourself pensive and wondering what spirituality is all about.  How do you become more enlightened?  How do you strengthen your connection to source and self?  And how do you motivate yourself to give up the carbs and take on the kale?

The secret is that you BECOME YOURSELF.

Whilst I personally believe in a healthy dose of qualification and intuition, one of the best modalities I ever learnt was channelling.  And that’s because it stopped me from afiliating with any particular deity, opinion or way of life and it put me in touch with the greatest power known to man…myself!  I really do believe that the route to spiritual enlightenment is to cut throught the BS, the show reels, the hierarchy of ‘masters’, and to follow the melodic path back to your own heart.

Like all of my qualifications and studied paths, I have taken the years that follow to really hone my craft before I have offered this as a service under Honeysuckle Healing.  And I never stop.  Because healing never stops.  I continue to learn new ways to strengthen the connection between myself and my unique guides and helpers, as well as to unlock the songs, smells, textures and images of own centre.

In short, to have a more spiritual new year you need to become yourself.

Not the person your parents told you to be.  Not the person your teachers said you could only become as a result of your grades.  Not the person media restricted you to be through their love of universal labels.  BUT THE PERSON YOU WERE BORN TO BE.  The person who knows what they have been put on this earth to create, to say, to do, to help, to evolve or to become.

The downside of this is that it will be painful at times and you will want to stop.  The other downside is that it will trigger others through their own ignorance or fear to change.  The further downside is that it will raise opinion, mis-interpretation, others will think they’ve done what you’re brave enough to do and it is not a route for the faint-hearted or those seeking a quick fix.

I could write a book on the do’s and dont’s of spirtuality according to the great figures and those leading in this field, but what I have learnt is this…

Begin your new year with a new attitude.

Write a wish list for all that you want to come into your life over the next 4 seasons, but don’t forget to add thanks for all that you have already received.  And be prepared to do it your way, and against all odds.

Follow those who tell it like it is, who have taken the long road to their profession and who are always willing to address their own s**t along the way.

Attend those events that are out of your area or comfort zone and stop comparing and self doubting.


To be more spiritual this year, “be the change you wish to see in the world” (Gandhi).

Yours in love and indigo light,




..try it for yourself in Google!  Some of my favourites are typing spirituality, yoga or goddess – it gives you a bit of a reality check as to what we are being fed!

*Duke comes from my guidance of the word ‘divine duke’ which has been presented to me as a gender fluid energy where masculine meets feminine and we are spiritually free to do our greatest work.  More about this exciting work coming in 2020! 😉


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Will I ever be enough? This is a question I ask myself on average at least once a week, sometimes consciously aloud and sometimes suppressed into the ways that I act or feel.

At least once a week may sound a ‘little much’ to some, but I believe it’s a question that many people, particularly awakened ‘women,’ ask themselves frequently too.

In fact anyone on a path of self development or conscious soul searching will likely ask it so much as they too will have this self-limiting dialogue carved into them as if it were a tattoo.

You may be fooled into thinking that asking this question repeatedly is all about low self esteem or a lack of self confidence; therefore excluding you if you feel above this way of feeling.  Sure, those mindsets don’t help if that’s something you live with, but they are actually unrelated to the root of the question.

That’s because this question relates more to impostor syndrome, and for me impostor syndrome isn’t always a bad trait if you can learn how to live in the more positive aspect of it. Impostor syndrome gets you asking questions in order to learn, to grow and more importantly to heal. This is fundamental on a Goddess inspired path or the path of an authentic light-worker.

Impostor syndrome in essence is an inner craving to become more, and a desire to unearth more of yourself, your authentic self, and indeed the rest of the world, which we often achieve through initial self doubt.

We feel like an ‘impostor’ because deep down we know we can be so much more, and in many ways we are fighting the internal calling and birthright to step into our power.  And that’s because we are taught to fear our higher selves and our authentic beings from a young age.  For women this is especially true as we are born with gender inherited shame and guilt, which is magnified in the values we are taught such as comparison, inferiority and critical self dialogue.

And despite what you may have been taught, that this is low vibrational energy; those with impostor syndrome are often the most skilled of light-workers and the most attuned channels.  They are less likely to be living and working in their egos, because they understand the questions they must ask of themselves to keep it real and to evolve.

We are taught to fear success, to resist self expansion and to dim our lights so that others can live untriggered alongside us.  We are taught to live small.

From this fear we learn how to put our deepest dreams in a box that struggles to contain them, and we limit our cosmic beings to a 1D or 2D realm, or if we’re really lucky a 3D or 4D existence, whereby we really start to ask ourselves the opening question.  And it’s only when we start to ask this question consciously and with an intention to grow, that I believe we are starting to ascend to 5D and beyond.

Years pass and adolescence is cruel to any awakened soul, indigo child, empath or highly sensitive person.   We become wrapped in individual blankets of BS, of unjust self analysis and of life limiting belief systems and core values.  Because we are taught this from a young age and our forefathers are taught this.  We inherited our parents opinions of us, we adopted unhealed ancestral trauma through our paternal and maternal lines and we believed what media and society told us about our labels.

And thus began the rise of the question “will I ever be enough?”

The question will differ from person to person.  For some this will not even be consciously asked, and it will more be an inferiority of sorts that presents in behaviour, insecurities or feelings.

For others it will be a loud loop that plays out regularly, as if to say your best isn’t good enough,  YOU aren’t good enough.  In remedy terms it’s likely to be the Pine’s, the Larch’s, the Rock Water’s, the Centaury’s, the Agrimony’s and the Cerato’s in my opinion.

I believe the question ‘will I ever be enough’ is ingrained in women the moment they are born.  That’s not to say that this question is gender exclusive, but I believe that it’s a statement attached to the divine feminine, and this is felt more prominently in women.  You then inherit an ancestral line, particularly passed down through the maternal line, of women before you who never quite found their worth or voice due to their inherited belief systems or the suppression of feminism during harder times.  These wounds have now been passed on to you as if they were a baton and it’s now your turn to have a go at healing them alongside your own unique shadows.

The way you are brought up also plays a part, for the media you are exposed to, the parental viewpoints and the developmental years of an empath for example can make or break your inner critic.

I remember feeling fat, ugly and like I just didn’t fit in from as young as 2!

I have wonderful and loving parents, I have experienced no known trauma at a young age and I have no reason to feel this way, but I did.  I wanted more from that tender age and I wanted to be anyone and anything other than me, as I felt like a failure.

Whilst doing my Reiki training I travelled back to ‘heal my past’ and this was the first memory that came to me, and this is when I became aware of my 2 year old inner child, who had shaped so much of my adult life.  I saw my younger self playing in the flower beds in a local park and I felt as if I wanted to be more like my sister, who wasn’t crying because she didn’t want her photo taken, or wasn’t causing her parents stress because she was ‘different’ and wouldn’t ‘conform’.  For 30+ years I learned to hate that child/myself, and my insecurities were magnified with every partner, friend, co-worker or stranger who told me I was too loud, too sensitive, needy, difficult because I saw the world so differently or effectively not good enough.

But it’s only now that I am starting to ask myself this question in the positive, for greater good and growth.  “Will I ever be enough” in terms of wanting to ensure I am striving for my best self and connecting to my hearts calling whilst dancing to my own tune.

It’s taken years of painful shadow and solitary work, carefully selected Bach flower remedies, many modalities of healing, soul journeying to heal and understand my past lives and my inner child and a continued ascension into 5D living.  It’s also taken changing my energetic vibration so that I am attracting kinder souls who want to help me as much as I want to help them.

If you too are consciously asking yourself “will I ever be enough”, then start to gift the question positive power by replacing it with something like, “what do I need to do to grow further?’.  This is a far kinder approach and you will get a lot more from the lesson.  Considering Bach remedies such as Larch, Pine, Rock Water, Agrimony, Centaury or Cerato so as to remove the self doubt and restrictions to grow will help to.  And finally, it’s never too late to love that inner child in the way that they needed and deserved to be loved.

Remember,  we are all asking if we will ever be enough in some form or another, for we are all on this beautiful healing journey called life.

Yours in love and light,



Sharing is caring!  Sharing my blogs, quoting my insights, and your continued support is always appreciated.  However, if you reference any of my work then please credit Honeysuckle Healing, and include links to the appropriate piece so that others may benefit from these tools too.  I work hard to ‘give back’ to my community through my free blogs and self-empowering online content.  I can only continue to meet this dedication through your respect and recognition.  Thank you






Join Ami of Honeysuckle Healing (Bristol based) and Stefania of Transformation Paths (London based) for a cosy evening of Tarot and Tea-leaf readings.

Having met through their mutual love and qualification of the Bach flower remedies, Ami and Stefania soon realised that they share a passion to explore deep parallels between the mind, heart and soul to support re-connection to our true purpose in life.

Stefania will be in Bristol for one night only offering a limited number of intimate tarot readings. Alongside, Ami will be offering a limited number of bespoke tea leaf readings, which she only holds space for as and when called to do so. Making this a rare opportunity with the duo and an evening not to be missed!

Held with exclusive access to The Cosy Cafe in Staple Hill Bristol, there will be just 10 readings available on the evening by advanced appointment only. A total of 5 tea leaf readings with Ami and 5 tarot card readings with Stefania will be on offer, on a first come first serve basis via the Eventbrite ticketing system. Please note that the doors will be closed on the evening and no walk-ins will be available.


Stefania is a London-based qualified hypnotherapist and Bach Flower practitioner. Her interest in the connections between body and soul goes back many decades, and, together with her passion for the creative potential of the human brain, solidly underpins her Tarot work. Her readings focus on empowering the querent, helping them look at things from a new perspective and putting their destiny firmly back into their own hands. “Like turning the lights on in a dark room, mindful interaction with the Tarot brings clarity on our thoughts and feelings, providing understanding and creating the basis for awareness in action.” This is Stefania’s motto when it comes to Tarot – through her readings she helps the querent re-establish a direct line to their own wisdom, so that new ideas can take shape and creative solutions emerge.

Ami is a qualified Bach flower practitioner, Reiki practitioner, intuitive channel and old soul empath, who is following a goddess and nature inspired heart led journey to unearth passions and tools of wellbeing from many lifetimes past. Ami was definitely born in the wrong era and her love for Romany gypsy culture and ancient healing traditions organically led her to tasseography/tea leaf reading. Ami’s style of reading is unique in that it’s an extension of her channelled guidance. Ami reads from a primary place of clairsentience as opposed to clairvoyance, using a myriad of intuitive and learned techniques that incorporate channelled guidance and divine messaging, aswell as emotion based forecasts for those she reads for. Ami also incorporates flower readings into her work and is highly qualified to recommend Bach flower remedies for aftercare support following the guidance of the leaves. Ami is not one to predict your future or to tell you everything you already know, and instead is a seer who will support and empower you to see the parts of yourself that call for balance and universal healing. Paving the way for clearer next steps and alchemic points of self-reflection prompting action. Ami acts as a cosmic conduit of guidance wrapped up in one straight talking and down to earth vintage package! Ami creates a reading to ignite all of your senses; from the quality of teas she uses to the nostalgic and theatrical atmosphere she embodies. All readings will be gifted with love and authenticity, and delivered responsibly for your overall wellbeing and higher self connection. Tea-stimonials can be found under the reviews tab of Honeysuckle Healings Facebook link!

HOW TO BOOK: If you would like to book one of these limited tea or tarot readings, please follow the Eventbrite ticket link to purchase your exclusive ticket for the evening. You will see a total of 10 tickets to purchase (subject to availability) each with a choice of tea or tarot and a start time for your reading. Please choose your time and reading carefully as you will not be able to change this once purchased. Event organisers will have no control over reserving or amending your space on the evening; choosing a reading style and time in accordance with the listed ticket is the only way to secure your place.

WHEN YOU ARRIVE: Please ensure that you arrive on time and no more than 5 minutes early to enable the smooth running of what we anticipate to be a busy and popular evening. You will be able to wait in the cafe area 5-10 minutes before your appointment, but to limit noise, additional energy and to create intimacy we ask that you do not arrive any earlier than this. When you arrive please take a seat and wait for your appointment, considering noise levels when you enter the venue and are sat with others. Please note that if you arrive late you may not be seen and will certainly have this time deducted from your read. There will be no refunds, even if you fail to show or turn up late and can’t be seen as a result. This is in keeping with time lost and to cover venue hire and materials purchased.

Places are non-refundable. Readings last 30 minutes and cost £30. They are open to men, women and non-binary individuals over the age of 18. Each read will act as a ‘taster’ of what Ami and Stefania offer through their individual work and businesses, providing enough time to ask one question from the cards or leaves and to gain a general short overview.

Ami of Honeysuckle Healing is honoured to hold space for a ‘one-off’ tea ceremony in the Duloe stone circles of Cornwall.

For centuries tea has been used in Asian and Eastern cultures in both ritual and meditation, as well as to bring families and communities together. Join Ami as she guides you through an updated ceremony evolved from this ancient tradition.

Based in Bristol, Ami holds regular ceremonial circles in her home town , but has now received guidance to create travelling ceremonies and tea temples in sacred spots of natural beauty across the UK, understanding that her tribe and work may not be fixed in Bristol.

This is a completely channelled ceremony that will engage all of your senses.

A message from Ami’s guides: This is a feminine circle connection to honour the air element. An over-lighting orange essence will run throughout this ceremony and will call particularly to those seeking healing and/or a deeper connection to the sacral chakra and womb chalice. Using Nilgiri black tea, a tea found in the ghats mountain region of southern India, which will be enhanced with cleansing and uplifting Bach flower remedies, cardamom and orange. This is a ceremony to uplift and to aid ascension, where you will be invited to take a visual walk in the mountains to clear your head, before grounding in ritual and offering.

We will set up our sisterhood within or around these 8 sacred stones, after gaining permission to enter from the protecting ancestors of this site. Together through guided meditation, empowered healing and channelled connection to an expansive range of deities, ascended guides and animals we will travel to heal the parts of us called to this particular ceremony and site.

As with all of Ami’s events, there will be a vintage feel and a beautiful natural biodegradable centrepiece created and left as an offering for Gaia. This is an uplifting Goddess circle open to anyone who identifies as a woman.

Ticket costs include all tea, offerings, materials and a small blessed gift to take home. Payable upfront and non-refundable to limit wastage of materials purchased and to prepare the channelled space distantly.

The group will be limited to just 7 people (8 including Ami), in honour of the 8 Duloe stones and to aid group intimacy and individual attention. This is designed to be a tea ceremony ‘taster’, with this being a bespoke and channelled ceremony for the stone circles of Duloe and a fraction of the time and space Ami usually prepares. However, it will still pack the same power you come to expect from Honeysuckle!

You will leave feeling connected, empowered and uplifted. Able to continue your journey into an imminent new season and subsequent turns from the wheel of the year.

Tickets are non refundable and sales close on 23rd February, regardless of numbers, so as to prepare your sacred ceremony inline with the energy expected to attend. This is also to limit waste of unnecessarily purchased materials. This is an outdoor event, which will go ahead regardless of weather so please come prepared and suitably dressed. In the unlikely situation that the event is cancelled, you will receive a full refund.

The ceremony will be in flow so please regularly check the Facebook event for updates and meeting arrangements.

Photo Credit: Philip Halling