Will I ever be enough? This is a question I ask myself on average at least once a week, sometimes consciously aloud and sometimes suppressed into the ways that I act or feel.

At least once a week may sound a ‘little much’ to some, but I believe it’s a question that many people, particularly awakened ‘women,’ ask themselves frequently too.

In fact anyone on a path of self development or conscious soul searching will likely ask it so much as they too will have this self-limiting dialogue carved into them as if it were a tattoo.

You may be fooled into thinking that asking this question repeatedly is all about low self esteem or a lack of self confidence; therefore excluding you if you feel above this way of feeling.  Sure, those mindsets don’t help if that’s something you live with, but they are actually unrelated to the root of the question.

That’s because this question relates more to impostor syndrome, and for me impostor syndrome isn’t always a bad trait if you can learn how to live in the more positive aspect of it. Impostor syndrome gets you asking questions in order to learn, to grow and more importantly to heal. This is fundamental on a Goddess inspired path or the path of an authentic light-worker.

Impostor syndrome in essence is an inner craving to become more, and a desire to unearth more of yourself, your authentic self, and indeed the rest of the world, which we often achieve through initial self doubt.

We feel like an ‘impostor’ because deep down we know we can be so much more, and in many ways we are fighting the internal calling and birthright to step into our power.  And that’s because we are taught to fear our higher selves and our authentic beings from a young age.  For women this is especially true as we are born with gender inherited shame and guilt, which is magnified in the values we are taught such as comparison, inferiority and critical self dialogue.

And despite what you may have been taught, that this is low vibrational energy; those with impostor syndrome are often the most skilled of light-workers and the most attuned channels.  They are less likely to be living and working in their egos, because they understand the questions they must ask of themselves to keep it real and to evolve.

We are taught to fear success, to resist self expansion and to dim our lights so that others can live untriggered alongside us.  We are taught to live small.

From this fear we learn how to put our deepest dreams in a box that struggles to contain them, and we limit our cosmic beings to a 1D or 2D realm, or if we’re really lucky a 3D or 4D existence, whereby we really start to ask ourselves the opening question.  And it’s only when we start to ask this question consciously and with an intention to grow, that I believe we are starting to ascend to 5D and beyond.

Years pass and adolescence is cruel to any awakened soul, indigo child, empath or highly sensitive person.   We become wrapped in individual blankets of BS, of unjust self analysis and of life limiting belief systems and core values.  Because we are taught this from a young age and our forefathers are taught this.  We inherited our parents opinions of us, we adopted unhealed ancestral trauma through our paternal and maternal lines and we believed what media and society told us about our labels.

And thus began the rise of the question “will I ever be enough?”

The question will differ from person to person.  For some this will not even be consciously asked, and it will more be an inferiority of sorts that presents in behaviour, insecurities or feelings.

For others it will be a loud loop that plays out regularly, as if to say your best isn’t good enough,  YOU aren’t good enough.  In remedy terms it’s likely to be the Pine’s, the Larch’s, the Rock Water’s, the Centaury’s, the Agrimony’s and the Cerato’s in my opinion.

I believe the question ‘will I ever be enough’ is ingrained in women the moment they are born.  That’s not to say that this question is gender exclusive, but I believe that it’s a statement attached to the divine feminine, and this is felt more prominently in women.  You then inherit an ancestral line, particularly passed down through the maternal line, of women before you who never quite found their worth or voice due to their inherited belief systems or the suppression of feminism during harder times.  These wounds have now been passed on to you as if they were a baton and it’s now your turn to have a go at healing them alongside your own unique shadows.

The way you are brought up also plays a part, for the media you are exposed to, the parental viewpoints and the developmental years of an empath for example can make or break your inner critic.

I remember feeling fat, ugly and like I just didn’t fit in from as young as 2!

I have wonderful and loving parents, I have experienced no known trauma at a young age and I have no reason to feel this way, but I did.  I wanted more from that tender age and I wanted to be anyone and anything other than me, as I felt like a failure.

Whilst doing my Reiki training I travelled back to ‘heal my past’ and this was the first memory that came to me, and this is when I became aware of my 2 year old inner child, who had shaped so much of my adult life.  I saw my younger self playing in the flower beds in a local park and I felt as if I wanted to be more like my sister, who wasn’t crying because she didn’t want her photo taken, or wasn’t causing her parents stress because she was ‘different’ and wouldn’t ‘conform’.  For 30+ years I learned to hate that child/myself, and my insecurities were magnified with every partner, friend, co-worker or stranger who told me I was too loud, too sensitive, needy, difficult because I saw the world so differently or effectively not good enough.

But it’s only now that I am starting to ask myself this question in the positive, for greater good and growth.  “Will I ever be enough” in terms of wanting to ensure I am striving for my best self and connecting to my hearts calling whilst dancing to my own tune.

It’s taken years of painful shadow and solitary work, carefully selected Bach flower remedies, many modalities of healing, soul journeying to heal and understand my past lives and my inner child and a continued ascension into 5D living.  It’s also taken changing my energetic vibration so that I am attracting kinder souls who want to help me as much as I want to help them.

If you too are consciously asking yourself “will I ever be enough”, then start to gift the question positive power by replacing it with something like, “what do I need to do to grow further?’.  This is a far kinder approach and you will get a lot more from the lesson.  Considering Bach remedies such as Larch, Pine, Rock Water, Agrimony, Centaury or Cerato so as to remove the self doubt and restrictions to grow will help to.  And finally, it’s never too late to love that inner child in the way that they needed and deserved to be loved.

Remember,  we are all asking if we will ever be enough in some form or another, for we are all on this beautiful healing journey called life.

Yours in love and light,



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If you’re reading this blog then you’re likely to have already been using the Bach remedies at home or have had success with one or more bespoke blends from a BFRP.

Either way it sounds as if the remedies are working for you and you are feeling empowered in the process; perhaps now considering taking over the reins of remedy self-selection as a result…which is great!

Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner’s (BFRP’s) work to a strict framework and code of practice, as detailed in the legacy of Dr Bach and upheld by the Bach training centre in Oxfordshire. One of the main requirements of a BFRP is that they give their clients the tools to help themselves, which is an expectation I feel confident all BFRP’s are passionate about upholding. For this reason I personally share a lot of my knowledge, perhaps on occasions going over and above to simplify the system so as to enable many people to access it. I do this through blogs, self-empowering newsletters and detailed consultations and workshops, all with an aim of supporting people to feel confident in using the remedies for themselves. Therefore, it is something I come to expect when my clients start to build their own remedy stock and go it alone, or perhaps even feel inspired enough to do the Bach training for themselves, which I take as a huge complement rather than an insult.  However, there can be some flaws in this plan as sometimes people forget to ‘check in’ with a BFRP, or try to run before they can walk in some cases, which can have an effect on their progress and Bach relationship.

The answer to the opening question is that it’s a personal choice. There is no set time period for starting to use the remedies at home for yourself or indeed to build up your remedy collection, and it comes down to confidence and an ongoing willingness to learn.

The only thing to bear in mind, and I say this from personal experience, is that Rome wasn’t built in a day. Although the Bach system is marketed as a self-help system and one that prides itself on simplicity, I do feel that there are more complexities to the system and the remedies than perhaps books portray, which makes it open to errors when we go it alone too soon.  And as we all know, when we don’t get the results we want we tend to blame the system or therapy rather than perhaps admit that there are holes in our own knowledge.

Of course, there is no right or wrong and you cannot cause any harm if you select the ‘wrong’ remedy for example, but I just don’t think you get as much from it as a system of healing or in turn find it so easy to help family or friends, if that’s your aim. I find the remedies warrant respect and a period of earning your stripes so to speak. They are intricate and they weave deeply into the fabric of your very being, presenting surprising new layers each time you use them. Therefore, it’s a good idea to read up about them and to go on a bit of an apprenticeship with them before you get too confident I feel. And I truly believe that part of that apprenticeship is a process of working with one or more BFRP’s and taking time to process your feelings and the changes that occur.  As did I before, during and after qualifying.  The best books to read about Bach remedies is actually your own journal! One that you write during the process of taking remedies and as you experience first-hand the changes that occur, which is invaluable knowledge! You can make mistakes when you are not sure what you are feeling or indeed which remedy is most appropriate, and then it’s harder to witness the changes that occur as you can’t often link the feeling to the remedy.

Before I trained in the remedies I spent a year using them intuitively and reading books. Although I gained a sense of healing from this ‘trial and error’ approach, I wasn’t really in tune with the remedies and I did make mistakes about how to use them and mix blends accordingly. I also feel that my body chose to reject a lot of the remedies I took due to them being selected on a deeper level to what I was ready to deal with i.e. they were not selected based on presenting emotion and rather on higher guidance, or gaps in my knowledge. To qualify it took me 10 months from level 1 to completion of level 3, which is actually the quickest amount of time I would say you could achieve this in, but I was not only passionate but hugely determined to gain this knowledge as soon as possible as I was thirsty to learn. However, it was the year or so after qualifying that I feel I really started to understand each individual remedy and in turn how to best utilise them in accordance with Dr Bach’s original intentions. . For the books I read, and even my Bach approved training just didn’t prepare me for a personal relationship with the remedies and their many individual layers. Even now the remedies continue to surprise me and I learn new ways in which each characteristic may present differently in people, including myself. Becoming a practitioner has also opened my eyes to the many ways in which the system is perhaps misused and just how many misunderstandings there are about flower remedies and indeed the companies that manufacture them. There really are a lot of ‘old wives tales’ out there, and I think this feeds into not utilising the system in the most successful way, and so working closely with a BFRP can sort a lot of the facts from fiction.

When you see a BFRP although you get the opportunity to take home your own bespoke mix, the main thing you are signing up for is knowledge. The missing blanks and the opportunity to clarify things about the system that you do not understand. Of course you only get a short amount of time as consultations are not designed to be training sessions or to replace Bach approved courses, but you are working closely with a BFRP and forming a relationship. Like anything in life the more you put in the more you get out and committing to a long term relationship and regular follow up sessions not only gives you the healing and growth you seek, but you are being supported and held along the way with a BFRP’s knowledge and expertise.

It really is a personal choice but I would say that a year of regular 3-4 week follow up consultations is a good basis of knowledge and indeed healing that will help you to understand the system, remedies and in turn yourself and where you want to go from here.

The thing that sets the BFRP’s apart from other therapists using the remedies intuitively or having studied a short module in their course to become something else, is that it is a therapy which empowers its clients. You will be given knowledge and tools to help yourself rather than just told to take a blend or particular remedy and come back at a later date. Therefore you really are further forward on your path to self-empowerment and using the Bach system in everyday life than you perhaps first thought. So when you think about it, is it really too much to ask of yourself to invest in a relationship with a BFRP for a period of time? To give the practitioner who has worked so hard to master this field the respect to help you in ways that perhaps at this early stage you may not be able to equate to this knowledge through books or going it alone? Don’t forget, BFRP’s will have a goal of supporting you to a stage where the relationship between practitioner and client is reduced. Where you may only need dip in and out of seeing them due to having a greater understanding of remedy selection or possibly even being inspired enough to learn the system for yourself.

In simple terms it’s like learning to drive. How likely are you to pass your test after 1 lesson? Or even 3 or 4?

It’s likely to take a period of practice and a commitment to meet with a qualified instructor on a regular basis, so that you are supported to correct anything you are perhaps not understanding before you pick up too many bad habits and hit the open road. And even once you pass your test you may still need to complete a ‘pass plus’ to give you the confidence to drive at night or on motorways. There might even be a further period where you have a couple of little bumps and scratches to your first car whilst you are perfecting driving alone and you may need a refresher course as a result. And then if you go on to drive a motorbike or HGV you are going to need to do further training, and gain a deeper and more appropriate knowledge. I’m not saying any of this to put you off, infact I take it as a compliment when people feel ready to go it alone so quickly after seeing me as it means I am good at what I do, but as someone who has worked hard to gain her qualification as well as someone who is an intuitive channel, I know it’s not always as easy as people think to just choose a remedy intuitively or from a brief write up on a website, and it can leave them open to slowing down the success they have been having with a practitioner.

So for all those Impatiens or Vervain’s out there, who are keen to speed up the process perhaps or have a tendency to get over excited, slow down and work with someone who lives and breaths the system. Allow them to support you and share their knowledge, and trust that they are there to help you get the best from your Bach experience.

All good things come to those who wait!

Yours in love and flowery light,








Sharing is caring!  Sharing my blogs, quoting my insights, and your continued support is always appreciated.  However, if you reference any of my work then please credit Honeysuckle Healing, and include links to the appropriate piece so that others may benefit from these tools too.  I work hard to ‘give back’ to my community through my free blogs and self-empowering online content.  I can only continue to meet this dedication through your respect and recognition.  Thank you



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