On 21st June 2018 we welcome the Summer Solstice to the UK, which officially marks the start of our summer season and the longest day of the year.

For anyone of alternative faith or spiritual practice this is a very important date in the calendar, which will encourage swarms of likeminded folk to connect their hearts across the world, and to ideally witness the first sunrise.

Since I have started blogging about all things healing related, with a view of helping others to connect to and witness their own paths through a collective journey, it has been my intention to write a blog each time we rotate to a new season, with the aim of giving my readers tools and insights into how to connect to this energy.  But on my morning run today (yes you heard that right!), I was finally given the guidance I have been waiting for as to what the summer solstice means to Honeysuckle Healing and in turn me and my readers.

This season feels less about telling you what to do and how to do it, and more about telling you in the words of Fleetwood Mac to ‘go your own way’.  That’s because summer is a time when we naturally find ourselves in a better frame of mind and with that I feel comes a subtle confidence in our own decisions and plans.  Our mental health seems brighter and we often seek out friends, new experiences and playful connection.  We want to go on walks or even runs to obtain our summer bodies, we crave to be outside in nature and take more day trips, enjoy weekends away or holidays to really soak up that current bun!

Like Christmas we allow ourselves a few more indulgencies with richer foods and cooling ice-cream enjoyed al fresco and even a couple of cheeky ciders in a ‘sun-trap’ beer garden.  These seasonal treats that we perhaps take for granted are all subtle signs of what this season holds.  It holds connection.  It holds vibrancy and it holds the opportunity for increased light and good times.  We tend to go with the flow a lot more in the summer, taking up friends and neighbours last minute invitations of BBQ’s in the garden, watching our England boys on the big screen down the local pub (well done on last nights victory by the way lads!), sneaking off from work a little earlier on a Friday to meet our mates or even stopping off for a swift half of adult lemonade on our way home from the office.  Summer sees the anticipated ‘festival’ season and we relax in open spaces, or even hop on a plane and visit another country to really escape the daily grind.  Children enjoy extended breaks from schools and we spend more time with family, which can be both a blessing and a trigger for many parents!

That said, as I ran alongside the lovely Will from Will Jones Fitness, he asked me what I was up to for the rest of the week and I said I was off to Brighton tomorrow!  It sounded really random saying it out loud and that’s because it wasn’t a planned break and more of an intuitive online search late last night!  With every lap of the park that made me lose my puff I spoke about the need to follow your heart on Thursday, and as I shared this with Will I realised the very content of my Summer Solstice blog.  And that was that, just as I told him,

where you need to be on the Summer Solstice is exactly where your heart leads you.

From those avid solstice gatherers to those who are awakening and may well be considering attending an event or marking it in some way for the first time this year, I think we all often make a common mistake.  We all follow the crowds.  Like spiritual sheep on some kind of pilgrimage we seek out the international points of focus and collective worship such as Stonehenge, Avebury, Stanton Drew and Glastonbury to name but a few in the UK.

We feel as though the only way in which to mark this occasion is to do something that our fellow gods and goddesses are doing, or to be barefoot, cloaked, adorning seasonal flowers in our hair and carrying a larger than life crystal around with us for the rest of the day.  Something ‘simple’, solitary or that isn’t even a designated solstice ceremony seems a little too out there for some.  But what I realised this very day is that this Thursday you will have no more of a solstice connection, no more support from Gaia or be no more enlightened by visiting the sacred Ganges than you will be if you sat around a puddle in the middle of the road! You will be no more witnessed in a temple than you will be in your own home and you will be no more enlightened sat in Glastonbury than you will be in your own garden!  Don’t get me wrong, being witnessed by your tribe can take the vibration through the roof, but the point is that if you aren’t answering a call, and I mean a true call from within, to be at this place of worship then you may as well be at home or in your local park creating your own ceremony.  That’s because we do not need temples, we do not need ‘sacred’ places and we do not need to necessarily be led in ceremony on this day any more than we do any other day, for on this day more than ever we need to listen to our guts and we need to go where we are drawn.  The overlighting ‘solar’ energy of this time will be about igniting that ‘solar’ energy in your centre, so connect to those yellow chakras that mimic the sun and trust that gut!   For often, if you are on a healing journey and evolving at any rate, then you won’t necessarily be called to the closet place to your home or the space you always go to (or hold) out of habit or because all of your tribe congregate there, instead you will be called to what will help you to fulfil YOUR renewed intentions for this next 3 month healing spiral.

For me I am called to Brighton this year.  To connect with my soul sisters Katy and Kath from Starlight and to connect with the sea.

To be held in a space that I know will release deep wounds, aided before I even arrive in Brighton by taking a side step away from that circle of comfort.  As they say, life begins where your comfort zone ends!  When I was guided that this is where I needed to be at 4.15am no less on Thursday, I found all the reasons I couldn’t be there.  I couldn’t afford it.  I had pre-arranged appointments.  I’m tired.  I didn’t feel up to a 3-4 hour drive.  I had to take Audrey with me as no-one was home to pup sit (plus I don’t like to go away without her really), I’d put on weight since I last saw them and wasn’t looking my best.  You name it, I found a reason not to go.  But I realised that this was resistance.  And I asked myself what I wanted from the next 3 months – did I want to be kept in my comfort zone by going to the nearest and easiest place to my home or did I want to be taken out of it, addressing fears and ‘showing up’ head on.  The latter would take me to Brighton.

As I bit the bullet and booked my accommodation I also started to challenge the ‘I cant’s’ and with a dose of inner alchemy they become ‘I cans’’.  For example, taking Audrey to a 5 hour early morning meditation doesn’t come without its anxieties.  I know that she may choose to wriggle and bark throughout the whole thing, ruining it for me and those who choose to come, meaning we could end up driving all that way and end up spending the morning on our own for disrupting the circle.  But again, I challenged this and thought, why wouldn’t I want to see the sunrise with my best friend, the one who always ‘shows up’ for me with no questions asked.  Why wouldn’t I want to invite unconditional love and loyalty, which are just some of the traits of a dog, into my ceremony and intentions for summer.  That said, of course she needs to be there.  And the fear and worries of what could go wrong, only serve as a reminder of exactly why I am choosing to drop everything, rearrange my appointments and bomb it down the M27 to Brighton…..because I want to do something out of my comfort zone.  I want to tell the universe that I am ready.  I invite change this season.  I invite a different way of doing things and I trust the flow.

The solstice is not a time to ostracize yourself, it’s a time of inclusion.  But that doesn’t mean that you have to follow a particular religion, or way of life to benefit from this event and season that follows.  This is not a time that is only present for channels, space-holders, healers, priestesses, druids and alike.  It’s an ancient gift that’s open to all, regardless of age, gender, sexuality or religion and there is no one practice that means you will get the most from the season.

Those who will obtain the most growth from what will unfold are those who listen to what they need to do.  Who don’t necessarily follow the crowds or clicks (unless that’s right for them) and instead do what feels ‘right’ for them.  We are all equal on the solstice and she is there for whoever is ready to connect and honour her, in whatever service that means.  This time it’s about challenging what you have been doing and look to do things a bit differently.  It’s been a real wave of emotions and energy of late and people are being deeply challenged and triggered.  It feels a rebellious time, when I personally am so sick and tired of being told what to do or how I should act and feel.   It’s a season of losing the pacifier or filter in some respects.   So ask yourself do you want to stay within that familiar cycle of pain or do you want to shake it up, and show up?

My seasonal message and advice to you this solstice is to simply enjoy it.  Follow your own path.  Do things your own way.  And perhaps push through resisting boundaries a little that say there is a right way and a wrong way to connect.  For you, it may only mean creating a summer inspired altar in your home.  Or offering a crystal to the sea or ground.  Or getting up earlier on Thursday to watch the sun come up somewhere.  The solstice is a time of change and it’s a time of solar energy, so follow that ‘gut’ and you might just be surprised where it leads you.

Solstice blessings everyone.  Wishing you a wonderful 3 months.  It’s time to step into that light.  Life is for living, so take that road trip!

Yours in love and light,




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