Foreword by Ami Smart of Honeysuckle Healing:

I first met Joanne at a regular ladies pamper night I attend in Bristol, whereby I was offering Bach flower taster sessions and she was offering seated acupressure massage.

I remember being intrigued at the time by the services Jo offered once I caught a glimpse of her beautiful business cards, as they seemed to bring a taste of the orient and tranquillity with their eastern design, which made me pick one up to find out more.  However, it wasn’t until recently, when I stumbled across said-business card in my home and followed a series of synchronicities and intuitive calls, that I was led to using Jo in my own personal path of healing.  I booked a tarot reading with Jo, something I rarely feel the need to do, since I have become lucky enough to be able to channel my own guidance and messages.  However, we all need that outside influence sometimes and that reassurance that we are indeed on the right path and that tougher times will ease.

I have to say, I loved it!  My reading was 100% accurate and moved me to tears, and I was lucky enough to be joined by my spirit guides, which I could feel stronger than ever in Jo’s presence, as could she.  I noticed lots of beautiful crystals around Jo’s home, over-lighting our session and indeed in Jo’s beautifully bold jewellery that she wore.  At the end of my session Jo offered me a choice of crystal pendants to take away with me and I instinctively selected tigers eye, a crystal I have worked with many times before, and one that was appropriate at the time; given I was finding myself being energy attacked from several angles and needing protection.

From that moment on, I knew I needed to work with Jo, that she was sent to teach me my next lessons in life, and perhaps I was indeed sent to teach her some of hers.  I have since been lucky enough to sit in circle with Jo and to experience her energy, which cemented my decision to invite her to this months Guest Corner, as I witnessed first hand that Jo, like me, is keen to give others the tools and knowledge to help themselves, which is the type of people I am increasingly keen to source for my readers.

I have really enjoyed this month’s interview with Jo and she provided me with so much useful content from our time together that it was difficult to edit it all, whilst still giving enough for you to enjoy and learn from.

My journey with crystals is really awakening and I often use them in my own personal and professional practice, so I have really appreciated the tips Jo has kindly shared in this edition of ‘Guest Corner’.

Heartfelt thanks to Jo for her time, expertise and abundant enthusiasm, and for giving my readers so many easily adopted ways to connect to crystalline energy.  I can’t wait to experience my own crystal vibrational sound therapy session with Jo later today.


Yours in love and light,


May Guest Corner

Q&A With Joanne Hopes


‘Crystal Healing’


What is crystal healing?

Crystal healing is an ancient and powerful treatment that has been used for thousands of years by Tibetans, Mayans and Egyptians. Crystals are powerful transmitters of energy, which when placed on the appropriate areas of the body can work deeply on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels, in a way unlike traditional medicine that treat symptoms alone. Crystals balance energy flow, release disease from the body and leave you feeling relaxed.

What are the benefits of crystal healing?

The main benefits are a deep healing. When I perform crystal healing I do an ‘aura sweep’ which concentrates on healing the 7 subtle bodies, that includes the mental body, physical body and working with the chakric systems and auric fields.

Like many healing systems, it can help with low mood, illness management and prevention, as well as aid deep relaxation and necessary energy flow around the body.

Is crystal healing just for humans?

Crystal healing can be used to benefit animals. It can also be used within the home or other spaces, to remove stagnant or negative energy or indeed to invite in new energy.

When using crystals within the home, the easiest way is to create  a ‘grid’ or multiple grids.  Simply put a crystal of equal size in each corner of a room, or around each point of your bed, whichever area you want to invite renewed energy or healing to; clear Quartz works particularly well for this, or Rose Quartz if you’re inviting love for example, and this focused area will receive the invited healing.

How did you discover crystal healing?

I was diagnosed with cancer in 2009, and whilst I was lucky enough to make a full recovery following treatment, it did make me sit up and think about where my life was going and what I was doing, and I realised I needed healing.

As a child I was always drawn to fossils, beautiful stones and crystals, I liked holding them and collecting them and I was always into spiritual practices growing up.  I had a visit from my Aunt who was in the spirit world, and I took all of these things to be a sign that I needed to re-evaluate my life and my path.

I trained in Reiki and then later qualified as a certified crystal therapist.  I really enjoyed healing myself, my friends and family and helping others on their journey.

Do you have a favourite crystal?

Yes, labradorite. It’s full of flashes of colour with iridescent blues, golds and greens so I think it’s gorgeous to look at. It’s a powerful protector as it takes away negative thoughts and energy. It can be used to balance insecurities and fears, calming overactive minds, dispelling illusions, as well as helps with intuition and wisdom, clarity and concentration.  It’s widely used by shamans and psychics for its awakening properties.

What are good ‘starter’ or generically useful crystals?

Clear Quartz – It is easy to source and not too expensive. It’s a great general healer as it’s like the paracetamol of the crystal world! You can use it to amplify other crystals, i.e if you put any other crystal in the middle of a clear quartz grid it will amplify that crystals energy and healing properties. You can work with clear quartz points to heal a specific problem, so if someone had a bad knee you can hold the crystal points towards the knee to invite healing to this area, and point it away from the knee to remove the pain/ailment/illness etc.  It’s just a generally good crystal to work with in all aspects of healing.

Amethyst – a general first aid crystal as it is great for headaches and removing negative energy.  It’s a powerful protector, particularly good for physic work and awareness.

Rose Quartz – a great protector for the human energy field, brings in love and calmness and has a positive effect on all the chakras.  It’s a much lighter energy so it can be used with children, people with learning difficulties, those with sensitive energies, empaths etc.  It’s a crystal that doesn’t affect the electro-magnetic field too much, so it’s not going to make you feel all ‘spacey’.

Outside of these 3 crystals, I would suggest people start with a basic set of chakra crystals, so select 7 crystals you are drawn to, based on the colours of the chakras (red for root chakra, orange for sacral, yellow for solar plexus, pink or green for the heart chakra, blue for throat chakra, purple for third eye and a clear quartz perhaps for the crown chakra).  This is a good set to start with for self-healing.

Do bigger crystals have bigger/better benefits?

No not at all! It’s all about the power of the crystal really and the quality of the crystal or gemstone. For example, you could be working with a smaller crystal of a better quality such as an emerald, which may be really tiny but more powerful over say a huge chunk of poor quality rose quartz.

How do you suggest you source good quality crystals?

The best way to source crystals in my opinion is from local stall-holders, smaller independent shops and reputable crystal ‘traders’ as opposed to shop chains or the internet. Find people who know their stuff, it’s their business, it’s their passion; places like Glastonbury, Wells and other places where healers naturally gather for example. I would personally pick the crystals up, feel them, see if you are drawn to their energy, speak to the owner, get an idea based on your intuition and the feeling you get when you hold each crystal.  It’s a really personal choice and decision.  Use your hand to hover over crystals, you might be drawn to colour or shape, and I would say go with what you are drawn to rather than what books say.  You can look in the book after, and you might be surprised that you have picked the very thing you need to work on.

What does a crystal healing session with you involve?

I work from my home in South Bristol, and I create an atmosphere that would encourage someone to relax; with music, incense and crystals surrounding the room for example. Lying on a couch, I would place crystals on the main chakra points and begin with a chakra balancing, using my other tools and intuition.  I will also perform an aura sweep, to remove trauma and negativity from every aspect of the physical and auric body.  Then depending on what someone wishes to work on, I will use specific crystals I am drawn to or are known to contain specific properties, and use grids on the body or around the couch to aid healing.  

Recently I have re-branded my crystal healing treatment as crystal vibrational sound therapy, as I use other tools during a session such as my singing bowls and tuning forks for example.  Treatments are tailored to the individual so will vary from person to person.

What are some of the ways that we can work with crystals in everyday life?

Program crystals – every crystal sends out a subtle electro-magnetic vibration and they can be ‘programmed’ to aid a particular person or situation to enhance their properties. If you wish to programme a crystal without the advice or assistance of a crystal therapist, I would suggest using something like a clear quartz or rose quartz as these will generically be good to programme. You can programme crystals for yourself and others, for the highest good of course, you can request crystals bring clearer communication, improved health, improved family life or indeed invite love into your life.  Take it in either hand, whichever feels more appropriate, say out loud and repeat several times what you want it to do i.e. hold a rose quartz and say “I want this crystal to bring more love into my life/more peace into my family/to help me with self love” etc.  You can ask the crystal to help you with addictions, health problems and just about anything!

I would also suggest you take a photo of the crystal before you programme it as often they can change colour once they are programmed and used regularly.  It’s not uncommon for a clear quartz to become cloudy or to show rainbow light once programmed, as it becomes a ‘record keeper’ due to the intention that has been stored and recorded.  I would personally only use this crystal for this purpose moving forward, I wouldn’t use it for general healing once it’s been programmed specifically.

Wear and carry them wearing jewellery is a simple way to connect with crystal energy and their properties.  Wearing bracelets, necklaces, rings and even carrying crystals in your pocket are an easy way to aid healing, work with crystals and indeed benefit from them.

What are some easy ways to cleanse crystals?

There are lots of ways to cleanse them, but the easiest way is to run them under water, put them out in the sun, move them through sage or incense smoke, and use sound. When using the water method, you need to ensure they are not water soluble, as running crystals under water can damage them and soften them in some cases, as can some crystals when they are left out under the moon.    Water soluble crystals tend to end in ‘ite’, such as flourite, calcite, angelite, sodalite.  Lapis Lazuli is also water-soluble.  I personally use sound to cleanse mine, as I can cleanse a few at one time by putting them in my Tibetan singing bowl and asking for any negative energy to be removed and inviting in new charge. If you have nothing around you such as water, sun, sound etc you can just ask your guides and helpers to cleanse them.


Joanne Hopes offers one to one treatments in her home in South Bristol, which includes intuitive tarot and oracle card readings, crystal vibrational sound therapy, Reiki and seated acupressure massage.  Joanne also holds space regularly at psychic, holistic and spiritual events around Bristol.  You can find more details on her website or by email.  For those who do not live in Bristol, you can follow Joanne on her social media accounts for insights and occasional live card readings – follow on facebook or follow on twitter


Sharing is caring!  Sharing my blogs, quoting my insights, and your continued support is always appreciated.  However, if you reference any of my work then please credit Honeysuckle Healing, and include links to the appropriate piece so that others may benefit from these tools too.  I work hard to ‘give back’ to my community through my free blogs and self-empowering online content.  I can only continue to meet this dedication through your respect and recognition.  Thank you


Legal disclaimeras always, my guests are invited to share their work with you in order to support your healing journey as a whole, by giving you empowering tips and food for thought.  I only invite guests whom I know to be insured and practising to the best of my knowledge at the time of their guest spot.  I will only welcome guests that I have personally used the services of, and have found to benefit my own individual healing journey as a result.  However, if you choose to book any treatments or use any guests services as a result of my monthly interviews, then please be aware that you act personally on this decision.  Honeysuckle Healing take no responsibility for the outcome of this decision and these guest blogs do not act as a referral or recommendation service.  Please ensure that these guests and services meet your individual requirements prior to booking.  Thank you

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