In this edition of Honeysuckle’s Bach flower series we bring our attention to the remedy of Vervain.

This wasn’t the remedy I intended to concentrate on this month, however after witnessing an overwhelming and recent collective need for Vervain, as well as experiencing new layers of the remedy presenting on my own journey, it seemed too hard to ignore!

Verbena officinalis is better known as Vervain, and it tends to grow on dry or stony ground with a chalk presence, where it’s not surrounded by much competition.  It will also nestle amongst hedges and roadside verges, although this is not such a common sighting in the UK today since the introduction of chemical sprays.  Vervain tends to gravitate towards areas that have been recently cleared or left sparse.  It is a tall and slender perennial, which bears pale lilac flowers that surround leafless stems and nobbled spear-like heads.   There are many species of Vervain/Verbena, and the plant itself has been widely used and respected for centuries due to it’s medicinal benefits, including it’s use in tea and Homeopathic tinctures and as a common offering to altars.

However, as always with the Bach remedies, we look at the energy harnessed from the plant to support the emotions of a Vervain type or mood, rather than consuming the plant itself.

Vervain’s can be intense individuals for they will have a strong sense of self and purpose.

Some people might even find them a little intimidating, if they perhaps don’t share the Vervain’s passions.  However, by and large, Vervain’s will be infectiously persuasive and to witness them in action can be very impressive!  They will be sure of what they believe in and what they are willing to fight for, and as a result they will not tolerate injustice of any kind, whether that’s against themselves or others.  They will often be the first to fight the case for others who don’t perhaps feel strong enough to fight for themselves or are more willing to ‘let things go’, they will not be afraid to take on organisations, stand up for the underdog and indeed will remain very loyal.  Animal rights campaigners or eco-activists for example can be strong Vervain types or indeed exhibit Vervain tenancies.

The Vervain remedy links to a feeling of being ‘overworked’, both mentally and physically and although it can be common for people to identify Olive as the remedy for exhaustion, Vervain’s can often reach burnout due to their inability to relax or switch off.  Vervain’s tend to keep going and to keep moving; from one campaign to the next or from one project to the next and they will often adopt other peoples battles along the way.  For this reason, Vervain can be a great remedy for stress or tension, difficulty to sleep, fidgety or restless natures, overactive minds, and for those who like to be doing things all the time.  Vervain’s tend to be perfectionists and can be very methodical, organised, and have a natural mental energy to get things done or to see things through.  They tend to like to work in a group, but naturally adopt the role as team leader due to their noticeable ability to lead and direct, for they are great organisers, motivators and like to get everyone on board and into their way of thinking.   Steering the ship as it were to their chosen destination, with as many people on board as possible.

Vervain’s will often be tolerant in nature, they will tend to stick at a cause or a task long after others may have given up, but often to the point where they will push themselves too far both physically and mentally, and are very susceptible to burnout.  In illness, Vervain’s tend not to listen to their bodies and will push themselves, often too far. I think of a Vervain a bit like the stereotypical Duracell bunny that is relentless in it’s goal, but in it’s haste the batteries eventually deplete and they need to recharge. Or a fancy sports car, which has the ability to reach great speeds and cover more ground than your average Morris Minor, but isn’t so efficient on preserving energy or leaving enough fuel in the tank. Vervain’s can also be like a lifeboat, speeding through the waters, collecting those stranded at sea along the way, eventually realising they have taken on too much water and overloaded their very vessel.

Vervain’s tend to start off very passionately, often with rigid ideas of what they want to achieve and what needs to be done, but they can lose interest as they tend to take on too much at one time.  Although this often isn’t a trait described for a Vervain, it can be one that presents further into the deeper layers of healing, due to their enthusiasm meaning that they take on too many projects and can’t always perhaps give their all to each one.    In the negative aspect of the remedy, a Vervain’s drive, their zest for life and their desire to learn can mean that they will start things and not always finish them.  Perhaps trying many new courses, attending copious events and lectures, without perhaps taking the necessary quiet integration or processing period that’s needed in any successful path of healing or self-development.

Vervain’s find it hard to take advice and to be told what to do, for they have strong views and opinions, which mean they struggle to see the flaws in their plans or to take on others viewpoints.

They aren’t coming from quite the same angle as say a Vine, who would be more domineering and perhaps even controlling in their ways, but Vervain’s will just want to get everyone on board, and can be quite persuasive and even infectious due to their passionate stance.

Vervain’s fight for injustice.  They tend to be those who are compelled to drive change on epic levels!  They will be the platforms and protesters for equality, for human and animal rights, for justice of any kind and will be the strong voice for those who cannot speak for themselves.   They are courageous and restless in many ways, wishing to build communities who share their strong ethics and sense of fairness, and to do what’s ‘right’.  They have many admirable and loyal qualities, but where they fall short is that sometimes they can come across as a little ‘too much’.  Vervain’s are the sorts who will come back from their Bach flower training and need to tell everyone about how amazing the system is (naming no names haha!)  In their plight to win everyone over to their strong way of thinking, they can tend to do the opposite, and can come off as a preacher and teetering on the edge of domineering.

The danger for Vervain’s is that they are at risk of becoming fanatical.  Their strong need to ‘rally everyone up’ and around to their ways of thinking can be obsessive and can be too much for some people to handle.  Vervain’s can be the very cause of their own stresses and strains for they put a lot of pressure on themselves to be the change they want to see in the world so to speak.  They almost see this as their plight, and they will often struggle to switch off or relax, for they naturally ‘buzz’ and thrive on life, with a real zest for living and need to fulfil their destiny’s.

As always, there is a scale with Vervain and many reasons for why you may take it.

Vervain’s do have many wonderful qualities, and like all the remedies, we need Vervain’s in this world.  We need people who want to leave a better world for the next generation, who are willing to stand up for what they believe in and may often foresee things that others can’t, and for this reason

I often associate Vervain with the Indigo children.

This is of course just a general outline of some of the more unbalanced natures of a Vervain, which may be having a knock on effect on their physical or mental health conditions.  Taking the remedy can help us to find a balance, to remain passionate and authentic in our causes, to still be supportive of others, but to also respect the need for individuality, varied viewpoints and to be able to interact on a more equal playing field.  It can allow us to stop and smell the roses (or Vervain in this case) a little, trusting the process and relaxing, without the need to be quite so wired or fidgety.  The remedy carries an air of calmness and an ability to soften our views in order to consider and support others, whilst still respecting ourselves and the need to take downtime.

The world needs you Vervain’s, so take this remedy to check in with those ego’s and to find the balance in all that you do.

Yours in love and flowery light,






PLEASE NOTE: I would always recommend having a consultation with a qualified and registered Bach Foundation practitioner/BFRP, to ensure that you get the most from the Bach system.  Dr Bach advised that blends be bespoke and BFRP’s teach their clients how to use the system effectively.  These monthly insights are offered as a guide to the remedies, but are by no means exhaustive.  Guidance is always advised when using the remedies for the first time or without suitable qualification.


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