“Come gather ’round people wherever you roam, and admit that the waters around you have grown.  And accept it that soon you’ll be drenched to the bone, if your time to you is worth savin’.  Then you better start swimmin’ or you’ll sink like a stone…for THE TIMES THEY ARE A-CHANGIN” Bob Dylan

As per usual, in the true spirit of flow and divine timing, I find myself reflecting on my guidance and insights on the very eve of the Winter Solstice.  And in accordance with my increasing ‘style’ of channelled receivership, it has come complete with lyrics, this time courtesy of Bob Dylan!  For I personally know all too well right now that this particular Winter will bring times of change; whereby you literally have only two choices…to sink or to swim.

Tomorrow, 21st December, welcomes the shortest day of the year and marks the official start of Winter in the astrological calendar.  This is an energetically anticipated Winter season in the UK as this year it doesn’t just feel like a time for pagans and spiritual folk alike to witness.  I believe that as we are ascending as individuals and as a collective into the 5D, after whats been a very difficult and trans-formative year, a majority of us are ready (or almost ready) to embrace change, to invite alchemy and to take individual responsibility – and I for one cannot wait!  Together with a full moon following on 22nd, this feels more like a weekend to honour ancestral tradition, rather than just a day this year.

This is perhaps the first Winter that I have truly embraced, looked forward to and whole-heatedly surrendered to its unique seasonal offerings.  Because despite the season that usually brings 3 bleaker months and a ‘Crone-eque’ energy, I can really appreciate the invitation to rest, reflect and to build a nest from which I can fly come the Spring.  For this year I have physically let go by allowing my weary body and mind to rest, and I have learned how to emotionally succumb to my shadows as much as my light.  All of which I feel stand me in good stead for a reflective and strongly anchored Winter.

Winter for me follows on perfectly in theme from its predecessor, Autumn.  For like its seasonal colleague, Winter is just as much about letting go.   In Winter we are bare.  We hold no fruit on our branches and no leaves to hide behind; we are ourselves, naked, and more vulnerable to the light as much as the darkness.

This Winter exposes us in many ways and expands our truths.  It closes down many gateways, opens more, and brings the painful lessons and baggage of 2018 to a climax for us.  Therefore, if you have done the work this year in terms of now finding yourself in deep and reflective surrender upon the Solstice rather than bitter resistance, then I believe you will be rewarded as you travel into another season and ascension opportunity.

There is no doubt about it, this season requires a giant leap of faith and mammoth strides into the unknown!  Channels and light-workers, including myself, are struggling to get clear insights into what the season will bring, as there is a loss of connection together with unsettling ascension symptoms.   It can be tempting during the Winter to seek readings, guidance, to be susceptible to outside influence and to simply ignore the need to be patient and listen to our own hearts and callings.    The solar plexus, third eye and crown are particularly heightened around the time of the Solstice and this is making for heavy and weary bodies.

NB: As well as a personalised Bach mix, utilise Cerato for the self doubt, Impatiens to settle down the need for answers,  Walnut for the sensitivity to a seasonal change and ascension and Olive for being over-tired.

The Solstice feels more important than ever to celebrate this year, and feels about the weekend as much as it does the day.  Calling for rest, self-awareness and lots of self love and care.

I am not surprised that I started to get insights about where to be tomorrow some months back, as in many ways I am travelling lost right now, whilst painful cycles wrap-up and I am waiting for seeds I have sown to grow and show me the way.  Pathways are unclear and we can no longer rely on old ways of coping or living; being pulled for the final times right now between chaos and clarity.

People, particularly narcissists, ego driven energy vampires and alike are falling away as those ready to ascend are shedding the hangers on.  I for one am adopting self forgiveness and self mastery at this time – making clear intentions about who my customers are in 2019 and just which communities of people I am willing to serve.  Our audiences and circles are changing, as are the ways in which we love ourselves and others, thanks to the lessons this year.

The time between the last Winter Solstice and this one has been huge for me, and has felt like I have been travelling and breaking for a lot longer than a year.  As a result I am really starting to pull back and to put my own needs and healing first.  This feels a fundamental thing to do for all of us so that we stop allowing others to ride on our coat-tails in order to avoid their own pain….that’s it now, whoever doesn’t want to learn how to swim will be forced to sink until they do.

We are letting go now and this weekend feels so important in both gratitude and forgiveness for ourselves as much as for anyone else who has travelled with us to date.

I wish I could tell you what is on the other side of the Solstice, which usually is much easier to predict, but right now it’s simply a time to trust, to be patient, and to ride the storm.  Be prepared to flow and to adapt more than ever this season as plans cannot always be made when we are required to follow our guts and the universal signs.  For example I have been called to Barry Island tomorrow as per guidance I received some months prior, but on the eve of the Solstice my ascension symptoms are crippling my body with heightened pain and fatigue.  But as Winter is indeed the season of rest, integration, laying foundations and self-mastery, then I trust all of those things can be achieved pottering within my own home as it can walking the Welsh beaches.

On the eve of a very powerful weekend I wish you all peace.  I wish you all a prosperous new year and season.  Remember to follow your own path this season, embrace the unknown and the seas of change, whilst increasing your self care during what can be more testing times.  Utilise the Bach remedies as this is a season known for it’s triggers and emotions.

You can read more about coping with the festive season in my latest blog here

Happy Winter Solstice!

Yours in love and Winters light,





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I have always been cray for Christmas and up until a few years ago I was still acting like an Elf on crack!

Like so many of us, I spent many years buying into the ‘hype’ and chaos at this time of year and continued to actually find it hard to sleep through my excitement on Christmas Eve.  But something my healing journey has surprisingly taken away from me is the spirit of Christmas; to the point where my spirit is well and truly 6 feet under this year!

It died as I began to awaken, and every year that I continue to ascend it means that a little bit of my festive cheer falls away inside.  This was quite a sad reality for me, and this year has been my hardest to face yet, with many tears for what I feel I cannot single-handily change in the world.  With strong Pine Bach tendencies to my nature I instantly beat myself up; asking myself what had happened to make me assume a Grinch-like identity and to lose my love of Yule…had I become too hard after heartache or too removed from my community?

With no festive fancy left in this body, I find myself no longer being able to belt out the hits of Wham! or the original Band Aid as they play in every shop, on every radio station and even in lifts.  I have adopted a more typically ‘male’ approach to present buying, whereby I have left everything to the last minute (and I’m not even affected by that very reality despite usually having all my gifts bought and wrapped by October).  And I wouldn’t honestly care if I spent the entire day alone at home, in my pants and face down in a box of mince pies!

So what changed?

Well, healing for me is about removing the many blankets of BS we have wrapped ourselves in, and about getting back to the very essence of who we are.

You know, all those beliefs that are your parents and not yours, all those labels and restrictions that society like to place upon you in order to keep you subconsciously conforming, and all those heartbreaks and traumas that program you into thinking that you no longer know who you are.

All the things that basically take you off of your true path and put you onto someone else’s; which is hurtling towards a destination you don’t want to go!  They become blankets or layers that stop you being your authentic self, which often means that you become someone who is lost and as a result can find it hard to connect or to understand what is really important to you.  Heck, sometimes it can even feel like you have lost your mind because nothing resonates and you find yourself taking long strolls in spiritual no-mans land, just waiting for something to click!

In my own personal healing journey I have discovered many things that I realise I had forgotten or suppressed about my very character.  My blankets, my labels and my personal restrictions have all contributed to me thinking that I wasn’t the woman who now stands more in her power today than she ever did.  This woman loves nature.  She strives to be the change in the world that she wants to see.  She cares about the environment, the world and the humans and animals who reside in it.  She is wild and a deep shade of Indigo.  She is passionate about equality, individuality, creativity and duality.  She does not tolerate injustice or fake news!

With that in mind, every Christmas has got harder.  For every layer that I remove, I find it is steeped in guilt and sadness.

For every-time I have an overfilled plate of Christmas dinner a thought enters my head about how many bellies are painfully hungry across the world.  Every-time  I open yet another present, I think just how many children or older people do not have one single gift to acknowledge the day.  When the Winter chill fills the room we reach for the radiator thermostat or throw another log on the fire, when there is someone somewhere shivering on the streets for the night.  And when I think of how much love is in my home from friends who visit, family who support me, yuletide cards that adorn my windowsill and cuddles with my little pup, I then think just how many people and animals remain victims of abuse and neglect.  NONE of this sits easy with me, and every year it gets harder to keep up the charade in order to enjoy this one day.

This year, I believe that we will have the highest number of people emotionally struggling with Christmas and all that it entails.  For it is not possible to be ascending as individuals and as a collective alongside the Winter solstice this year and the many opening gateways, and to not take through a desire for change in the world.  When change presents we often go into personal resistance or trauma.  We adopt ‘old’ ways of doing things and we often get reflective or low in mood because it can force us to lose our identities.  Something as magical as Christmas no longer cuts the mustard and we want more.  This year on a global level we have watched plastic in our oceans reach new and alarming heights of appeal, we have seen an advert banned for being ‘too political’ just for showing us the devastation palm oil is having on our forests and we all panic as we head into uncertainty over Brexit!



So when you think about it, isn’t it any wonder that so many of us can’t get excited about one day of the year, when so many of us want equality, the end of austerity, animal and human rights to be accelerated to ascended levels and an end to homelessness and poverty?  Christmas is a time of triggers and of bringing out our shadows in many ways, so if like me your Christmas spirit is fading, please see this as a positive that you are ascending.  You are questioning what is now important to you and perhaps flowing into new times.  I have seen so many people change this Christmas.  Shopping locally rather than lining the pockets of tax-evading chains, or cutting down the amount they spend, or simply doing more for charity…which is so great!

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that Christmas isn’t a time of deep joy and that we should all sit around feeling guilty.  In fact, your feelings around Christmas that have drawn you to this blog won’t necessarily even echo mine, as your healing journey and authentic self is unique just like mine.  But I am sure if you are reading this then something within you has died too, and you want more.

Simply put, the journey of a fading Christmas spirit can be hard and it can take many years to understand just why it’s happening and what you can personally do about it.  For me, its been to adopt a more ethical Christmas this year in terms of limiting my waste with wrapping presents, asking Santa for gifts that ‘give back’ to charities and animals, and even just supporting more local projects with a donation or my time.  And whilst at times it still doesn’t feel ‘enough’, I am working on letting it be enough for now.  Letting myself be enough this year.  Without the need to drink, or entertain the family, or even running around visiting everyone as my body craves rest and integration this year.


So this Christmas, to help any dwindling spirit and cheer, put yourself first.  Do what you need to do, free of guilt.  Your inner voice needs to be acknowledged more than ever this year in order to avoid the blues.

What is your heart and soul asking of you?  What does Christmas really mean to your authentic self?

Wishing you all so much love at this difficult time of year.

Yours in love and festive light,




A Christmas Wish (a poem by Ami Smart)

This year I don’t want gadgets, gifts, money or rings; I want change, I want peace, I want all manner of things

I want orangutans to have homes and bears to stop dancing.  I want tigers to be free and caged dogs to stop fighting

I want no more lotions or potions to hit each shop, for animal testing and cruelty simply has to stop!

Plastic in our oceans and deforestation, please Santa, hear my cries and save our nation

For this year I see that I am beyond blessed!  For I have a family, friends and a safe place to rest

I have freedom and voice, I have wellness and a dog; but I can’t help but cry when I think of the ole’ hedgehog

For she roams at night with no place to bind, in search of food and kindness from each human she’ll find

Santa, my darling, I can cry no more.  I cannot do this alone, and I don’t mean to be a bore

But today as I was writing my usually long list, I realised I have everything I need but just one wish

To sleep on Christmas knowing that all animals are happy; that they have beds for the night and bellies full of Chappie!

So please send me vouchers for Greenpeace and not the high street, for my heart can’t take another year of riding on this global backseat

I want change TODAY and I want animal freedom…so please help me Santa to build a happier kingdom?



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Foreword by Ami Smart of Honeysuckle Healing:

Aromatherapy is an ancient practice (with the name being the only modernising addition), and one that still excites and intrigues me.

In many ways it’s a system that resonates with me due to its Bach similarities; in terms of its global accessibility without qualification, its ability to enhance mood, support (and some say limit) many chronic conditions, and that it’s a derivative of nature.  However, this is where I believe that most people don’t appreciate that the comparisons end.  For unlike essential oils, Bach remedies do not contain the plant extract itself and therefore come with far less complications, restrictions (such as age), barriers to health (such as orthodox medication side effects) or things to consider before administering.  Essential oils, like most systems, tend to treat the outcome/result rather than the source of the problem, and therefore should be treated and respected as two standalone systems.  Both therapies require (in my opinion) a strong foundation of knowledge, an accredited qualification and a real thirst for using nature to heal in order to get the best out of the systems.

It’s a complex subject and whilst I use essential oils in smaller forms both personally and professionally, it is an area that I am happy to leave to the experts…such as this months guest, Louise Morgan.

Some of you may remember that Louise kindly joined me in Guest Corner in November 2017 when this monthly spot was in its infancy.   It’s wonderful to end 2018 with her wise words and revisited specialist subject, as she is a businesswoman and practitioner whom I respect tremendously.  Louise owns Kinsale Therapy Centre, which since July 2017 has been my base for offering Honeysuckle treatments, and we have exchanged many treatments and had a fabulous journey together.

This month I have asked Louise to join us to try and condense the vast and popular subject that is Aromatherapy.  As always my guest is the expert in the monthly topic and I have really enjoyed learning more about this subject in conversation.  Due to the length of this interview I will keep my opening paragraph short, as I have been inspired to write a future blog to clear up some of the misunderstandings between the Bach remedies and other plant-based systems of healing.

I want to say a heartfelt thank you to Louise for finding the time in her always busy schedule to connect this month and to end Honeysuckle’s Guest Corner’s as we know and love them.

Yours in love and light,




December Guest Corner

Q&A With Louise Morgan Holistic Therapist




What is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is a branch of complementary therapy which uses bottles of different oils in small amounts to create an affect to help a person.  The bottles of oils are called essential oils and are extracted from plants, trees and fruits through different methods.

What are the benefits of Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy has several benefits depending on how it is used.  Inhalation is a really quick way for essential oils to enter the body, whilst putting essential oils on the body in an oil or cream can mean a longer and more subtle effect, depending on several factors.  On an emotional level, essential oils can be used to help mood, and the oils can be blended depending on how someone wants to feel – they can be used to stimulate, refresh or relax an individual.  At the other end of the spectrum, with clinical aromatherapy, you can use essential oils to support an individual with their health conditions.

What got you into Aromatherapy?

I worked in an office and knew I didn’t want to be there for the rest of my life.  Months before approaching a ‘0’ birthday, I’d seen the course advertised, asked for information and then stuffed it in a drawer when I saw the cost!  One day when clearing the drawer, I found the paperwork and decided the cost wasn’t that much for a complete career change.  By the time that birthday came, I was 6 months into the course!


How do you use Aromatherapy in your business?

Aromatherapy is a core part of my business.  For some clients, it’s the bespoke blend they get for a massage, for others it’s a high diluted blend for a problem they would like help with.  I make an essential oil blend in a cream, which I use for the final massage in my Reflexology sessions and I also use essential oils around the clinic if I want to change the aroma.

What are some of the easy ways my readers can use essential oils in their everyday lives?

One easy way is to put a few drops on a tissue and inhale it through your nose and out through your mouth.  This option doesn’t need expensive equipment and can give you a quick burst of energy or calm, depending on the oil you’re using.  Another way is to pop a few drops on a cotton wall ball and pop it behind a radiator (if children and pets can’t reach it) or on top of a shelf/wardrobe where little fingers and paws cannot reach!  The oil then diffuses gently into the air without being too overpowering.

What are your top 3 essential oils and why?

I love sweet orange.  There’s research into how it can be an useful option for anxiety; people of all ages tend to love it and it’s safe for all age groups.  It’s a ‘cheering’ oil, but as it’s a citrus oil you do need to be careful.  Every time the bottle is open and it is exposed to the air,  sweet orange reacts with the oxygen.  After about 6 months, it should be discarded.  Or if you have about a 1/4 of the bottle left you may wish to discard it as there will be a lot of air in the bottle.  If you use a bottle which is oxidised (i.e reacted to the air) you may find you experience a reaction and your skin could become sensitised to the oil.

Lavender – a few years ago this wouldn’t have made it onto my list as I felt it was overused, but since I have had my clinic I have fallen back in love with it as clients have requested it to be part of their blends.  It’s a great ‘all round’ oil, which is anti-inflammatory and also cicatrisant, which means it helps skin healing.  Over the years I’ve used this in blends for bee stings, chickenpox, sleep blends and eczema.

Please note Louise has kindly provided lots of uses and points of concern when using Lavender, particularly when using alongside ADHD conditions.  To aid the readability and length of this blog, please contact Louise directly for a consultation and to learn more about general usage and health and safety points.

Benzoin – this has a wonderful deep Vanilla aroma.  It is a thick oil, which gives a chocolate orange aroma when combined with sweet orange.  It’s a great choice for calming and de-stressing and is also good for the skin.  This is an oil I wouldn’t use in high dilutions, but is great for creating a lovely aroma.  If you are using a diffuser you will need to clean it out afterwards to avoid it leaving a residue.

Is Aromatherapy suitable for use with children and pets?

I use Aromatherapy with my children, and I talk about how to safely use essential oils with babies on my baby massage courses.  The problem is, some oils are safe, but it’s all about which oil you are using and the amount of oil you are using.  There’s lost of information on the internet, but with babies and children it’s worth making sure the information is from a reputable source.  I’m not qualified to give advice on essential oils with pets, and I know during my initial training I was advised you could only do so under the guidance of a Vet.  Personally, I wouldn’t use essential oils with pets as I know how potent they are.  Also, I know that cats’ livers can’t actually metabolise essential oils, so they can be toxic to them.

What are your top tips for working with essential oils?

Think about how you store your oils – keep them in a cool, dark place, out of reach of children and pets, and keep the lids on as much as possible.

Remember a little goes a long way!  You don’t need to be using a lot of essential oil to create an effect, and you should always try to use the least amount to avoid overexposure.

Buy a good quality essential oil.  If you check the membership list of Aromatherapy Trade Council, they hold a list of suppliers who provide good quality essential oils.  Unfortunately the market isn’t regulated so oils can be adulterated with synthetic or natural chemicals.

If you’re thinking of using essential oils for a specific health condition, it really is worth spending the money on an Aromatherapist.  If you look online you may find some information, but it is general and may not be suitable for you.  When you pay for an Aromatherapist appointment you are paying for the expertise and experience in understanding the oils, and their understanding of how they may interact with medications or pose certain problems for some individuals.

And, as it’s the season of Yule, what oils would you recommend to get that traditional Christmassy aroma?

Personally, I love a bit of cinnamon and orange!  I use cinnamon leaf (Cinnamomum Zeylanicum) as it’s safer than the bark, and sweet orange (citrus sinensis).  This is a traditional aroma, but the sweet orange is cheery and uplifting, while the cinnamon is good at keeping the Winter bugs at bay.  Cinnamon leaf essential oil is potent, so in high dilutions it can be mucous irritant (you may not want to diffuse it all day) and it should not be used by pregnant ladies.


Louise is a holistic therapist who owns Kinsale Therapy Centre, Bristol; a clinic offering a range of holistic and beauty therapies.  Louise offers reflexology, aromatherapy, aromatology, holistic massage, Indian head massage, reiki, baby massage and story massage.   For further information visit Louise’s website or contact her clinic on 01275 217160


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